You’ve Been Drinking Water WRONG Your Whole Life – Leading-Edge Scientist Explains (and How To Fix It)

Are you aware that you have been drinking water wrong your entire life? Yes you have and we all thought that this is the right way. We reveal you what is the way to drink the old good water.

As bioengineer Dr. Gerald Pollack has made an explanation in his groundbreaking research on water – yes, yes it is. The drinking water the way we have been drinking it until now won’t kill us for sure. The new way of drinking water is mostly for the older people that have chronic problems and other health issues we state below.

To fully understand where he’s coming from, we need to talk about the following aspects: what is in fact dehydration and why there are many people that suffer from it? What is EZ water from Dr. Pollack and how can it from the root change people’s lives? What are other ways to stay hydrated according to this new research?

The first and most important factor is realizing that most of us have and will be dehydrated without often realizing it.

75% of Americans are Chronically Dehydrated

There is a common mistake that a person needs water when they are feeling thirsty. This is not quite correct and healthy and in some places of the world, it is considered to be even drastically dangerous. The body feels thirst when it is already dehydrated, when it’s already dying for water. For people that have worked in extremely hot environments, sometimes feeling thirst is already too late. In the desert, the body does not have time to dehydrate after feeling thirsty, and the person can die from it.

For most of us that have never lived in these hot and cruel temperatures, we do not often think of thirst as something being wrong, but it is the body’s cry for help as this dehydration quickly harms your health and can cause:

-Foggy memory
-Poor cognitive functions
-Poor physical performance
-Concentration problems
-Slow metabolism
-Kidney stones

It is easier to recognize the severe dehydration than the mild, chronic dehydration. When severe, dehydration in adults  can make extreme thirst, infrequent and dark-colored urine, fatigue, confusion, and dizziness. An infant or a young child can go thru dry mouth, lack of tears when crying, irritability, and will have a dry diaper for over three hours. They will also have sunken eyes and cheeks, and a sunken spot on top of the skull.

The causes of this severe dehydration can be an illness followed by fever, vomiting, or diarrhea; excessive sweating due to an illness, hot and humid weather, and extreme exercising; frequent urination due to a pharmaceutical side effect, diabetes, kidney problems; or a chronic illness; an excess caffeine and alcohol intake; a heat injury; and age – elderly people often have a reduced ability to store water in the body.

But besides severe dehydration, chronic dehydration can be very damaging to the health. Not providing the body with enough water can lead to problems with:

-Temperature regulation
-Waste removal
-Cognitive functions
-Physical performance
-Absorption of vitamins
-Liver and kidney function
-Joint health
-Weight control

One research made a while ago shows, up to 75% of Americans are for sure suffering from chronic dehydration.

This also concerns children and adolescents: Harvard research found that at least half are dehydrated.

Up until now, we have all been told to drink more and more water. But Dr. Pollack challenges this solution.