Why can not we and should not sleep on an empty stomach?

Sleeping on an empty stomach is difficult, sometimes impossible. Hunger can not only make sleeping difficult, but also disturb our sleep . However, sleeping on an empty stomach is preferred as a means of helping to reduce weight loss and prevent obesity. But how much is it worth the risk of sleep deterioration?

Experts say the sleep on an empty stomach is not only incomplete, but can also lead to serious consequences in the long run.

The empty stomach and the feeling of hunger are not standard states of the body. Therefore, in such situations, regular signals are sent to the brain to keep it active and stranded.

This explains the fact that sleeping on an empty stomach is so difficult – the brain can not afford to be excluded in an unusual situation for the body. This not only makes sleeping difficult but also can not provide a calm, long enough and the most important – a full sleep .

And that’s not all. Sleep on an empty stomach slows metabolism ceases to building muscle tissue, the body tries to obtain energy by breaking down proteins, and in addition night increased hormone levels of hunger ghrelin . Thus, in the morning, the appetite is exacerbated and the likelihood of overeating is highest. In the long run, sleeping on an empty stomach raises the risk not only from chronic sleeping problems but also from obesity.

Even the temporary deterioration in sleep quality , regardless of the reason, quickly disrupts the biological clock and unlocks a vicious cycle in which sleep problems go only to worsening. It is crucial to take timely measures to improve the quality of sleep, and if you do not improve eating habits at bedtime, this can not be achieved.

Based on these data, experts recommend that dinner should not be missed in people experiencing chronic sleep problems. As additional support for easier sleep, they can also rely on food intake that facilitates sleep . These are products rich in tryptophan or natural sources of the sleep hormone melatonin.