When do you have to eat apples?

“Apple keeps doctors away”. You have certainly heard this expression and it is not far from the truth. But like anything else, he has a reception technology to make the most of it.

The doctrine of life and health ayurvedic is not accidental enough to have the right time for intake of different foods! According to him, the body absorbs the maximum of the products at certain times. This also applies to apples.

When do you eat apples?

Research is good to eat this fruit in the morning. Apples are rich in fiber, vitamins and pectin, which is mostly in the bark. They help the digestive system. Many people have digestive problems due to stress, sleeplessness and other factors, so it’s nice to start your day with an apple.

Pectin also helps lactic acid and bacteria in it to better position the colon. This further improves the activity and condition of the digestive tract. Pectin in apples also helps get rid of toxins and carcinogenic substances that cause cancer.Image result for When do you have to eat apples?

If you eat apples in the evening or at night, your digestive system may turn against you. The fetus can lead to gas formation, making the night a discomfort.

Organic acid in apples can increase stomach acid in the body and swell for a while. The conclusion is that apples are most easily digested in the morning or between two meals. Eat them with the bark, as it contains quite useful ingredients.