We Teach You An Easy Method To Clean The Glasses and You Will not Want To Clean Them Any Other Way!

But surely when cleaning them you always pass a newspaper or a dry cloth, it is a mistake that almost everyone makes.

For this reason today I will show you a trick so you can clean the glasses with products that you have in your kitchen. Do you want to know more? Stay until the end

Simple method to clean the glasses

At present there is a large number of cleaning products that serve to perform this simple task, but sometimes their chemical compounds are very harmful to the environment and our health and are also very expensive.

A serious mistake when removing the dust from our glasses is to pass on the dry surface any type of material, be it periodic, a dry cloth, etc. This will result in our crystals being scratched.

It is essential that after releasing the area that we will clean out of all the residues it has, we begin the cleaning with some liquid, so if you want to get a perfect finish you should always clean in only one direction.

Remembering that the best way to do it will always be from top to bottom, since in this way no waste or drops will fall on what has already been cleaned.

Today I want to teach you this technique that will facilitate the realization of this activity. So you can do it in a more effective, economical and very practical way.

The extract of citrus fruits is very used in the development of a high range of products for cleaning such as dishwashers, disinfectants or fat removers.

Similarly, water is very effective to dilute some cleaning products that are very concentrated and can not be mixed with another. That’s why today I want to recommend these ingredients.

-Lemon extract

How to prepare it:

-You must prepare this mixture and keep it stored for about a week, then you should place some of the liquid you got on those difficult spots.

-That usually have some surfaces and you just have to exert a little pressure while rubbing to remove any dirt and loisto have your glasses clean.