Vetiver oil – fragrant and healing

Along with its enormous popularity as a fragrance, vetiver oil is appreciated in aromatherapy and alternative medicine as a bio product with proven health benefits. They are associated with the wide variety of bioactive components in this product. Vetiver oil is rich in over 100 types of terpenes , each of which has its own potential.

The combination of these organic compounds causes the benefits of vetiver oil to be versatile and contribute to both physical and emotional health.

removal Vetiver oil has been successfully used as a relaxing remedy for aromatherapy, such as inhalation, bath oil, or home air humidifiers. The effect-relaxing effect of vetiver oil is associated with its effect on the expression of genes involved in increased anxiety reactions.

Controlling Conditions such as Hyperactivity or Child Deficit
Behavioral and drug therapy, appointed to deal with these childhood problems, can be very well supplemented with vetiver oil. Studies have shown that topical application to the skin or inhalation with vetiver oil has a sedative effect and helps to concentrate the attention of children more easily.

Improving sleep
The vetiver oil is also attributed to the properties of a sedative, ie. a sedative product. It can be successfully used as a natural remedy against insomnia  and other chronic sleep problems.

Against bite or insect sting
T.v. insect allergies are among the most common causes of allergic reaction with warming up time. Cutaneous bruising or insect bites such as rashes, redness and burning have a good effect when treated with vetiver oil. It is important that it is diluted or mixed with more neutral oils, such as almond or coconut , in order not to irritate the skin further. The beneficial effect of vetiver oil in an allergic reaction is associated with its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Natural Repellent
If human smell perceives the aroma of vetiver oil as a fine fragrance, the reaction to it by insects is completely opposite. Mosquitoes, flies, bugs and other insects flee the vetiver aroma and can be used as a natural and safe repellent against them.

In a healthy man, vetiver butter does not show side effects, but caution should be exercised with pregnant women and people with epilepsy.