Treatment of anemia with herbs – which ones help?

Anemia develops as a result of red blood cell (erythrocyte) deficiency or low hemoglobin . Both conditions lead to reduced binding and transfer of oxygen to body cells. The condition is characterized by characteristic symptoms such as pale skin, shortness of breath, general fatigue, headache. The most common underlying cause of low red blood cells and low hemoglobin is the chronic iron deficiency in the body leading to iron deficiency anemia. A major method for its treatment is the intake of more iron. A very useful complementary action in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia may be some herbs.

At the height of spring, some of these herbs grow ubiquitously and can be obtained very easily at the time they are fresh, and the beneficial ingredients in them have the highest concentration to achieve the optimal healing effect of anemia.

From all spring herbs, nettle is the widest spectrum. It works very well for prevention and complementary treatment of spring allergy, and high iron content provides powerful effect against anemia. By iron content, it is difficult to find an alternative to nettle in the herbal kingdom. Besides iron, it also contains high doses of vitamin K , which improves iron uptake in the body. In addition, nettle provides both vitamin C and vitamin A for toning and faster control of the accompanying symptoms of anemia – fatigue and chronic fatigue.

This is another herb that grows wild in the spring. From the pharmacological point of view, the color and the root of the dandelion are of the greatest interest . They are a very rich source of iron. The beneficial action of dandelion in the treatment of anemia also helps with the high content of vitamins C and A. The overall effect of the herb is related to improving and immunity and toning the body. In addition, dandelion is one of the most beneficial effects for blood purification.

The high iron content in parsley is supplemented by another substance that stimulates blood-forming functions and is very useful in the treatment of anemia. This is folic acid . In addition, parsley is very rich in antioxidants, helping to tone the body and recover from the complaints accompanying anemia.

These herbs are among the most effective natural remedies to supplement the treatment of anemia. They are recommended for anyone who, for one reason or another, can not buy enough iron with food or seeks its rich sources among natural products rather than medicines. Herbs can be consumed in pure form or in the form of tea or spices to the food.

A very big advantage is the content of vitamin C, which facilitates the absorption of iron. It is important to note that these herbs should not be consumed at the same time as foods rich in calcium because this mineral slows the absorption of iron and makes it difficult to compensate for its anemia deficit.