This Way You Will Lose Weight and Eliminate All The Clogged Poop. You Will Stay Slim!

If you are looking for a remedy that deflates your belly you have come to the right place.

A list of diseases are derived from the colon, such as reflux, colitis, constipation, headaches, crohn’s disease, acne problems, among others and so you should always keep in mind what type of food you consume.

It is clear that food is of vital importance when evaluating treatments that are suitable for the colon, but we can also implement some natural treatments that are very efficient and help to purify and release toxins.

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Why Clean the Intestine?

Frequently you have to worry about how to clean the intestine because if you do not do it you will be aware of the serious and dangerous consequences, and from now on you can prevent really serious complications such as diabetes, urinary deficiency, cancer and other chronic and deep-seated diseases.

When constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, belching and gas are present in you mainly because your intestine is dirty, because it is containing excrement that could not be discarded due to the lack of movement of contractions of the intestinal muscles.

I congratulate you for learning and understanding how to clean the intestine to release hardened, accumulated, Clogged Poop, causing poisons and toxins for the entire body.

I Will Tell You How To Clean The Bowel Naturally.

Stop eating meat, sugary foods, fried foods, dairy products, junk food, coffee, carbonated water. Change them for cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, natural juices and vegetable soup !.

Go for a walk or exercise to cause the movements of contraction of the muscles of the intestine and to be able to carry out the transit of the feces and the correct cleaning.

Changes You Should Make to Keep the Bowel Clean:

-Change the bad habits of nutrition, some formed and others inherited from your own parents and the others that you have created by rebellion, by inconsistency and above all by ignorance.

-Change those habits that are related to the time of your feeding, have discipline for breakfast, lunch and dinner always at the same time.

-Eliminate food with toxic content, no longer eating foods with a lot of fat, with many condiments and chemical flavorings.

-Maintain the amount of water needed by the body, according to the activities you perform and the climate. If you eat natural foods your need to drink water will be lower, since the food will bring it to you.

-Create a good mood to keep the emotional and spiritual balance.
It is sure that you will get results when you understand and apply these recommendations on how to clean the bowel naturally. If you make the indicated
changes; the benefits will be incalculable for your health because fatigue, constipation and several other signs will disappear.

Then we will learn how to make a homemade drink that thanks to its richness in vitamins, minerals and fiber is ideal to detoxify the colon, improve the functioning of our intestines and the rest of the body’s organs, thus promoting the burning of fats and a better state of health.

Purifying drink to cleanse the colon and lose weight.

To make this homemade slimming drink the only ingredients that we will need are the following:

– Apple: A fruit rich in vitamins and pectin, a type of soluble fiber that helps both improve intestinal transit and keep us sated for longer, extending the time we leave between meals and reducing the desire to snack between meals.

– Linseed or flax seeds: cereals rich in fiber and omega 3. It helps us to lighten digestions, improve the absorption of nutrients, combat constipation and strengthen our cardiovascular health.

– Chia seeds: This food has started to be known now in many countries due to the great benefits it brings to our health. It stands out for its richness in fiber, its great depurative quality and its low caloric intake. A very nutritious and healthy food that you should start to include already in your diet.

– Honey: this superfood has so many properties that it is difficult to summarize them. Highlight for example its great anti-aging, anti-cancer, cholesterol-reducing and slimming power. A staple in any diet (except if you suffer from diabetes).

Here we show you the treatment and when you try it you will notice the excellent effects that you will get:

The ingredients are:

-A spoonful of flax seeds.
-An Apple.
-A spoonful of chia.
-A spoonful of honey.
-A cup of water.

The procedure is the next:

Place the ingredients in a blender and mix well to spread the chia seeds.

You should be fasting preferably before you start consuming, it is advisable, attention, only one spoonful should be consumed.

By consuming this mixture regularly, you can eliminate the substances not assimilated, your belly swells and you can also purge the colon of those toxins that bring diseases.