This Is How Uric Acid Crystallization Is Formed, And How To Stop Uric Acid

Most people believe that the human body needs meat as an essential nutrition in the diet. Before all, the meat is already poisoned during the slaughter of the animal. First, because of the great fear of slaughter, the adrenal glands secrete poison in the blood of the animal. Secondly, that body is a deadly product that immediately begins to decay after the death of the animal. In addition, meat and amino acids continue to be destroyed by its further digestion and baking.

Although most people consume denatured life-giving groceries, they continue to live. It’s hard to believe that the molecules in our diet must be alive, organic molecules so that we can build a healthy and vital body, immune to diseases. Life-long, inorganic molecules in cooked and processed life-giving foods lead to degeneration and to decomposition of the body.

As life is dynamic, magnetic, organic, so death is static, non-magnetic, inorganic. Life gives birth to live, and this is true of molecules in our food. If the molecules in the amino acids are alive, organic molecules, they will fulfill their task. But if by slaughtering the animal or by digesting the food they are destroyed, then they lose the vital properties that aid the work of the amino acids.

Fruits and vegetables contain the necessary living molecules, from which the amino acids are created in the body. The human body can not use various meat products in the form of useful proteins for its own needs. But it can get from the raw fruits and raw vegetables the best molecules and produce their own life-giving amino acids and proteins.Image result for This Is How Uric Acid Crystallization Is Formed, And How To Stop Uric Acid

Forming uric acid crystallization

Consuming meat and other meat products lead to the accumulation of excessive acid, which the most damaging is uric acid. It absorbs in the muscles, as the sponge absorbs water. As soon as the accumulation of that uric acid will lead to saturation, the acid is crystallized and crystals (uric acid) form and they are very painful in rheumatism, neuritis, and sciatica are produced.

Animals produce the amino acids they receive from plants, much larger, stronger and healthier bodies than humans do with meat consumption.

If you need more evidence to counter the claim about the great need for meat consumption. You should look for animals that eat meat and are used as a freight and you will not find anyone. They lack both strength and durability. On the contrary, all the animals that are herbivores, from the horse, through the ox, to the elephant, have great strength and durability and keep it with the consumption of herbs.