The Top 5 Super Foods For a Healthy Thyroid

Another disease is going all across the world. According to experts, there are a lot of people at about 30 million of them that suffer from a disease called thyroid disorder in the United States alone – and half of them are undiagnosed. That is a staggering 12% of the nation’s total population.

Worldwide, there are about 430 million people that have been diagnosed to have a thyroid disorder.

Strangely, there is a small concrete information regarding this problem worldwide since a lot of people and their doctors have been mistaking the common symptoms for something else.

One serious cause for the thyroid to dysfunction is the iodine deficiency. We get very little of it in our modern diet but iodine is a nutrient obtainable from food. It may seem overly simplistic to use food for thyroid health but it works and could be the answer in your particular case to getting this important gland functioning normally again.

5 Best Foods for Thyroid Health

1. Seaweed and seafood (scallops, shrimp, sardines, salmon, and tuna)

2. Yogurt, eggs, and cheese

3. Coconut oil

4. Cranberries and cranberry juice

5. Baked potatoes (with skin)

5 Worst Foods for Thyroid Health

1. Soy products

2. Refined gluten grains

3. Sodas, alcohol, or excessive coffee

4. Hydrogenated oils (avoid processed or fast foods)

5. Refined sugar

Currently, there can be no cure found for autoimmune diseases like the Hashimoto’s that cause extensive damage to the thyroid and result in conditions such as hypothyroidism. As with most autoimmune conditions, it is crucial to pay close attention to diet and lifestyle habits. It may not reverse thyroid damage completely but it will slow the advance and ease symptoms.

Good choices for your thyroid benefits your entire body. All of your systems are connected and they depend on each other to function properly. Choosing the right foods for thyroid health are also good choices for your heart, brain, and gut. All of you will feel the difference.