The Rarely Used Sweetener That Can Improve Your Health

The number one thing for the sugar wary or weary is to make it a healthy sweetener replacement. Unsulphered blackstrap molasses is the number one on the list. It has a low glycemic index. This can be used with some warm water to be your daily tonic that will enhance the mineral deficient bodies we have that our minerally depleted topsoil crops have somehow helped to create.

To be known the cane sugar processed for molasses is having roots that can extend to 15 feet below the topsoil where there can still be some abundant minerals. More about how unsulphered blackstrap molasses is made later in the article.

Benefits of Usulphered Blackstrap Molasses

Because of the high iron substances, a lot of people are using blackstrap molasses about holistically overcoming anemia. Iron is crucial with creating red blood cells. In addition with iron, blackstrap molasses has had some folate, a natural source for folic acid, also with some other B vitamins, that all of them can combine and form the synergistic mix that promotes red blood cell production.

Synthetic folic acid, by the way, is considered toxic by knowledgeable nutritionists and even some biochemists.

Then there is magnesium in abundance, along with calcium. Both are densely packaged within this natural food source. Magnesium is important for balancing with calcium for bone production and energy. It is necessary for the smooth function of our nervous system and maintaining heart health.

Insufficient magnesium levels can be a great result for the muscle spasms, like the heart muscle, that, of course, is related to arrhythmia or even heart attacks.

Potassium is another mineral abundant in blackstrap molasses. A deficiency in potassium results in weak muscles and is considered a factor in causing arthritis. Potassium also helps maintain a calmly functioning nervous system.

This is also important for the nervous system and the overall heart health. Even the American Heart Association has included unsulphured blackstrap molasses as a food supportive of good heart health.

Manganese, a trace mineral, is very high in content with unsulphured blackstrap molasses. Manganese ions function with a number of enzymes, and are essential to combating unusual free radicals. Like magnesium, manganese also supports cellular absorption of nutrients, and is also beneficial to the nervous system.

This trace mineral is very helpful for also to synthesize fatty acids and to stabilize the blood sugar levels. It’s true that too a lot of manganese can be highly toxic. But it takes consistent breathing of manganese dust from industrial sources for that to happen.

Other minerals that appear in abundance are copper and zinc. Zinc has been tagged as the male mineral because it helps support a healthy prostate. Working with zinc, copper helps eliminate the oxidation damage of superoxides.