The most common mistakes in the care of hair, skin and teeth

Regularity of caring for a good look rewards the need for such care to be of high quality. In some cases too much care carries a negative effect, and in others the negative effect comes from poor or inadequate care. In both cases the most noticeable are the effects on the areas of the body that we care most regularly – hair, skin, teeth .

Experts point out the most common mistakes in personal care for maintaining hair, skin and teeth, which can bring contrary to the desired effect.

Toothbrush immediately after eating certain beverages
It is a fact that acids and sugar in beverages such as coffee, fruit juices and carbonated drinks destroy the teeth enamel. However, brushing them immediately after consumption of such products is undesirable because it will lead to removal of the surface layer of the enamel contacted with the ingredients in question and literally softened by them. The better idea in this case is when the oral cavity is rinsed with water and the teeth are washed at least an hour later or before the beverage is consumed.

Jumping in the pool with dry hair and skin The
chemicals in the pool water are as effective against bacteria as harmful to the hair and skin. Before entering the pool, it is good to think of hair and skin as mushrooms that will absorb and retain all hazardous substances and pollutants from the water if they are dry. If they are pre-wetted, however, this will not happen. And so – showers are good to enjoy not only after, but before entering the pool.Image result for The most common mistakes in the care of hair, skin and teethShampooing
Exfoliating hair pollutants, shampoo dissolves and removes natural greasy hair. The basic rule for maintaining fresh and healthy hair is the frequency with which it is washed with shampoo to be determined by the type of hair. Experts say daily shampooing is acceptable in cases where a lot of pollutants accumulate on the hair during the day, as it is “painlessly” tolerated by the rights and less frequent hair. However, thick and particularly curly hair makes it very difficult to allow pollutants to penetrate deeply and does not require daily shampooing. So, the thicker the hair, the more resistant it is to dirt. But not treatment with aggressive products. The average permissible period of hair washing with shampoo according to experts is 3 days.

Among the typical male skin care errors is the use of a dull razor. The need for repetitions, as well as any more intense shaving of the skin, is a prerequisite for fine wounds, which in case of daily irritation are a prerequisite for frequent infection of the facial skin.

It is clear that regularity in personal care is important, but the quality of care is more important . Only avoiding the easiest mistakes in this regard can ensure a positive and lasting effect.