The Hidden Side Of The Natural Pineapple To Thin 5 Kilos In 3 Days That I Did Not Tell You. Works!!!!

Have you ever wanted to lose weight fast and get rid of the accumulated fat in your body for a certain event or time of the year? In these circumstances, we usually ignore the advice of doctors and other professionals with the sole purpose of losing weight quickly and easily to reach these events with an ideal figure.

The diet of the pineapple seeks to achieve this goal in 3 days , and most of its followers say they have lost up to 4-5 kilos doing it well.

How can you get this? Logically this diet is not too healthy, hence the almost unanimous rejection of scientists. It is intended to lose weight quickly, but it is likely that you recover with the passage of time.

In our social life we have to attend dinners, exhibitions, weddings, congresses and other events. Many times, our image is important, so much so that we need to lose weight in a very short period of time, and we resort to diets like pineapple when we realize that there is very little time left. Although it is not a miracle, it is a remedy that many people have found effective by doing it well and you only have to see the positive opinions of the people.

These types of diets are well known. There is something in which they resemble, make use of a food with diuretic effect. Among them are pineapple, pear or apple. They are all very similar, with similar nutritional values. All of them have a common method and objective, that you burn fat in 3 or 4 days.

Therefore, in this article we want to tell you a little about what the diet of the pineapple is and how it works, how to make it well and how to enjoy these healthy and refreshing fruits. Everything completely natural.

Why do we get to lose weight fast with the pineapple diet?

If you wonder what is this diet, it consists of a way to lose weight with only one food: the pineapple. The goal is to get visible results immediately. You should know that it does not always work and sometimes the consequences can be even adverse.

Why does it work?

Pineapple is a diuretic fruit that favors the elimination of liquids. It is an almost instantaneous weight loss. The retention of liquids accumulates kilos in the body. However, the effects are short-term, temporary. When you finish this diet you will most likely recover the weight you had before doing it, because in this case you have not burned fat. As we always say, there is no miracle worth.

On the other hand, despite the nutritional quality of the pineapple, because it is rich in minerals, vitamins, it is not healthy to eat only one type of food . The varied diet is the best of all, if you eat only pineapple or pineapple, you will temporarily enter a nutritional deficiency, such as fats, or animal proteins. Therefore, if you want to go ahead, it can not last more than 3 days and better if it is supervised by a doctor.

3-day menu for the diet of pineapple with chicken or tuna
Especially if you are in a hurry, there is no time to lose. Although it is not advisable to do it beyond the fifth day, because you are practically fasting all the time, you probably need to lose weight for that important occasion. Here we show you how to make the diet of pineapple and chicken or tuna to burn fat in a few days.

In this reduced period, we will eat 5 times a day as normal, but we will mix the pineapple fruit in its juice with animal proteins. Both tuna and chicken are the best choice for their low calories, it is very complicated to obtain energy from the protein, which is why the body burns accumulated fat. Additionally, you should drink plenty of water, the recommended two liters per day. Another detail to keep in mind is that you can not exercise too much due to lack of nutrients.

Let’s see what to eat on the menu during these three days:

Natural pineapples to make the diet

Breakfast: Eat a slice of toast and a half pineapple, together with a juice of the same fruit.

Lunch: More pineapple juice. It is not worth the brick, you must prepare it at home. To do this, you have to boil the pineapple (bark) and strain it. If you have a better blender.

Food. A serving of natural chicken breast, without salt. To finish, more pineapple slices.

Snack: 2 slices of pineapple and a natural yogurt.

Dinner: To end the day, Andalusian gazpacho or puree of natural vegetables. You can eat a salad that carries pineapple.

If you do not like to eat meat like chicken, fish is another option. This would be called the tuna diet. In this case, the chicken and tuna or cucumber should be substituted in the meal and / or dinner. But it’s only three days!

Contraindications and side effects to consider!

Despite being tremendously effective if you want to lose weight quickly, as well as the diuretic and antioxidant properties of the pineapple, you should not exceed in the practice of this diet more than 5 days, even 3 . If you overdo it, you can cause serious problems to your health.
Do not carry it out too often.

A doctor must monitor your evolution, since it is a hypocaloric diet.
When you have finished, you will recover part (or all) of the lost weight, so you should consider taking better care of your diet and incorporate healthy habits into your routine, such as exercising every day.

Another important contraindication is its prohibition for kidney patients, children and the elderly .
Many people have gone well with the pineapple diet and say it is effective. And you? Are you for or against?