Take Away The Bad Energies and Envy of Your Home With These 3 Tricks

Although we are good people, respect our neighbor and comply with the norms of society, there will always be those bad thoughts or negative intentions of other people towards us and that, although we do not believe it, can influence our day to day . To avoid or combat the bad energies that are found in our home and in ourselves, we can carry out some very effective rituals or practical tricks that will leave your home with positive energies and will attract love, happiness and abundance to your life .

The rituals can vary depending on the degree of negativity that exists in your house, fortunately they are not at all complicated to elaborate and the materials can be obtained in any store, in addition, these usually go unnoticed by the people of your environment, so you can be unconcerned In that aspect.

Ritual with salt vinegar and water to ward off bad thoughts

This is one of the most common tricks when it comes to warding off the dark energies that generally adhere to our homes. What you should do is take a glass cup, place a grain of sea salt in the middle of the container, make a circle around the salt with vinegar and then pour pure water until filling the glass. This is going to place it in a central place in your house, so that you can absorb all the bad things, including bad thoughts and keep away the entities that may disturb you.

Trick with flowers to attract prosperity and clean the aura

With this method we can know if there are really dark energies or vibrations in your environment. What you need is to find a vase and place 10 red and 10 white carnations inside it, no matter where you put it, in any area of your house you can perceive the bad things. Now, if the red flowers wither quickly and long before the white ones, there is no doubt that there are negative vibrations in your home and that they chase you anywhere.

If red and white wither at the same time, there is a balance of energies . When the red flowers wither, remove them from the vase and let white keep attracting good things to your house and your life.

Method with candles to clean the aura and energy of your home

Usually, people tend to place a candle to see if there is something wrong in the rooms or in the houses at a general level. To verify this, it is necessary to have a white candle , place it in the center of your home, turn it on and leave it there for a few hours. If it is consumed quickly, there is envy and bad energy, on the other hand, if it is consumed slowly, there is nothing to worry about. Do any of these rituals every day for a month and you will notice favorable changes in your life from the first day.