Sweet potato: Benefits And Energetic And Incredible Properties

The sweet potatoes are known to be the ones that have very important properties and benefits, because of the presence of the content in vitamin C and complex carbohydrates. We give you today all its most remarkable qualities of sweet potatoes.

-The sweet potato is a tuber full of nutritional qualities, being very rich in carbohydrates.
-Therefore it is a very energetic food, but easily digested.

Like the celery, sweet potato is the one of the most consumed foods for poeple in the balanced diet. This is mostly because of the fact that these days, and from very old, we can find an interesting and good variety of completely nutritious and healthy recipes that count on this food as one of the main or outstanding ingredients.

This is a food that has complex carbohydrates, sweet potatoes are starting to be an excellent option to take care of our liver, while helping to maintain blood sugar level. And this is just a good example of many of the properties of the sweet potato , which we particularly find with this healthy food.

Properties of sweet potato:

High antioxidant content
For its great amount in antioxidants (especially beta-carotene and vitamins C and E), it is a perfect food when it comes to increasing defenses, helping to enhance the natural immunity of our body. It also helps prevent cardiovascular disease, thanks to its nutrient content useful in turn to prevent the risk of cancer.

It also gives us glutathione , that is intervening naturally when it comes to eliminating free radicals and heavy metals (such as cadmium), as well as toxins that damage our body. Thanks precisely to its content in beta-carotene is an ideal food for the eyes , by helping to prevent cataracts.

Benefits for the cardiovascular system
As stated above, because of its high content of antioxidants is an ideal food to prevent cardiovascular diseases, being especially useful in case of hypertension, high cholesterol and heart problems.

Ideal against digestive discomfort
The sweet potato gives us a lot of beneficial substances great for the digestive and intestinal mucous membranes . Therefore, it is an great food for all the poeple who suffer from a digestive problem. Of course, the most advisable in these cases is to consume it roasted or boiled, and never fried.

Suitable for pregnancy
Because of the rich content of folic acid , it is making its way to be an ideal food during pregnancy, since 100 grams of sweet potato provide around 80 mg. of this very important vitamin.

As you surely know, folic acid or vitamin B9 is essential when it comes to preventing neural tube birth defects, as is the case of spina bifida (spinal cord defects) or anencephaly (brain defects) ).

Benefits of sweet potatoes

In summary, here are the main benefits of sweet potatoes:

-It helps maintain blood sugar levels.
-Prevents cardiovascular diseases in blood.
-Rich in antioxidants.
-It stands out for its content in beta carotene and vitamin C.
-Useful to enhance the immunity of our body and increase defenses.
-Beneficial for before and during pregnancy.
-Very good for the heart.
-Suitable in case of digestive conditions.
-It helps improve intestinal transit.