Sun protection – why do we need it every day?

Spring is already in full swing. The time is going to be getting nicer and pleasant, which means sunnier. So we need to think about sunscreen.

“Sunscreen products should be worn every day, regardless of weather or plans for outdoor activities,” said Alison Arthur, a dermatologist and member of the American Academy of Dermatology. He recalls that excessive sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer. One way to prevent it is more responsible skin care, including the use of proper protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

“The use of sunscreen products every day is vital because we bake not only on the beach, but when we walk in the park as we go or get back from work, doing a bicycle or a car …”, he adds. The Center for Cancer Research in the UK, according to which intensive sun exposure every day brings us the greatest risk of skin melanoma.

Here are four reasons to use sunscreen every day:

Cloudy weather is just as dangerous as the sunny weather – even when it’s cold and even rainy, some UV rays reach the ground. Some clouds block some of them, but others help to reflect them and thus increase the risk of skin build-up. We may be in the mountains and there is no sun, but we must not ignore the protection of the skin. Here in some places there is still uncut snow, which reflects the UV rays and makes them more intense. With warm weather, if we plan a walk in the mountains, we must first smear, because then it may be too late. Shadows and sunshine alternate there, which can make us a bad joke and burn.

The windows of cars do not protect against harmful rays – even if they are tinted. The Sun sends UVA and UVB rays to the Earth. The first penetrate deeper into the skin, while the latter are responsible for sunburn. The misconception is that while we are traveling in the car, its windows will protect us from sunburn. The windows of most modern cars successfully block UVB rays, but most UVAs are able to pass through them. But given that we Bulgarians buy mostly second-hand cars , there is no guarantee that the glasses are original and of good quality protection. Therefore, it is important to have sunbathing cosmetics at hand and use it every day.

Recently, the New England Journal of Medicine published strong evidence for this. The magazine shows a picture of a man who has been driving a truck for 25 years. Half of his face looks smooth and relatively wrinkled (for his age), but the other half, which was more often exposed to the sun, looks much older, with sun damage on it.

Not all sunscreen products are oily. Goggles with this cosmetics make many people avoid it because some greasy stains are hard to remove. But now the sunscreen industry is developing, new formulas are being introduced. They have more natural ingredients, skin-friendly, lighter and less fat-free. For a couple of years, the sprays have been hit by which the skin is spraying and everything is quickly absorbed into it. They do not contain oxybenzones and parabens that bind to skin cancer.

We can prevent aging of the skin – with the daily use of sunscreen products. A study conducted in Australia in 2017 compared the skin to two groups of people, one of which had no skin protection. Four and a half years later, there was an increase in brown spots and fine lines on the skin.

Dermatologists recommend that in the spring we smear at least our face and hands with sunscreen, best before we leave home. Then we need to keep the protection down every hour so we do not burn. People with lighter skin should use a factor of 50+.