Study Shows That Tea Prepared In Microwave Is The Healthiest

If you are a tea drinker, you know how to prepare a cup of tea. The preparation is very simple and the tea is a very healthy drink made of herbs. But the healthy components in the tea are reduced through the boiling process. Russians find the way on how to maximize the healthy effect of the tea. Try preparing tea in the microwave. Yes in the microwave.

Due to the expansion of healthy living advice and proper nutrition, the Russians decided to experimentally break down some modern dogmas. Professor Dr. Kostya Volodin of the physical laboratory at the Moscow State University believes that the best tea is the one that is cooked right in the microwave. It has been experimentally proven that this is how to get a maximum of healthy super drink.

Scientific research

The data available to Russian scientists confirm this. Namely, 80% of caffeine, tannins (amino acids) of polyphenols found in green or black tea. Can be activated only in water prepared in a microwave oven with instantly placed filter bags of tea.

Preparing tea in the microwave

Put the water with the tea bag in the microwave for 30 seconds at the highest temperatures, then let the tea stand for three more minutes outside of it, then drink it. With this preparation, the tea leaves release the most antioxidants and get the most beautiful taste. According to the expert, a cup of tea obtained in this way is equal to the number of antioxidants obtained from three cups of tea prepared in a classic way.