Root Canals Severely Affect Your Health. So What’s The Alternative?

When you hear the word known as ‘root canal’ most of the people instantly think to moments of the pain that all of us have experienced directly or vicariously heard to be associated with the procedure. Only in the United States, more that 25 million root canals have been performed annually and as a result has been seen to be a common practice and not a harm technique that will go beyond the certain dental issues.

The information that is been given in this video listed below is going to be more than eye-opening for you all. Here are a couple of key parts that really stood out for me:

Mouth/ Teeth Health Is Integral To The Total Health Of Your Body
It comes as a no surprise that in this video and it has not been the first time that I have ever heard for the great deal and care of the oral health that is related to the overall health of your body. A body talk practitioner that I recently visited referred to our teeth as the electrical panel of the body, with each individual tooth holding an “electrical” connection to a different area of your body. As a result, any difficulties that have been experienced in that area of your body would also make themselves known in your teeth, and vice versa. That being the case, it becomes increasingly important that we fully inform ourselves of any and all procedures we plan to do on our teeth before we choose to carry them out.

The Role That Our Diet Plays
No matter if you have had a cavity or not, we have all listened on numerous moments about how sugar makes the cavities. As Dr. Mercola is telling in the video, the effects of sugars and processed foods go even deeper from the simple cavity, and also the seemingly simple cavity can start to be something a lot more dangerous. It’s therefore incredibly important that we truly watch what we eat.