Propolis perfectly complements skin care

Propolis granule in glass jar on rustic wooden background

Honey is not the only bee product with proven beneficial properties. Equally useful for indoor use, and for external application to the skin is propolis , also referred to as bee clay . Therefore, the increased interest in propolis as a major ingredient in a range of cosmetic products is fully justified. Studies have shown that he perfectly complements the care of the skin in every aspect – smoothing, removing skin imperfections generally improve skin texture.

Bees are believed to produce propolis as a means of gluing individual beehive structures, but rely on yet another powerful action of interest to the cosmetics industry. Propolis has prominent antibacterial properties and can be used to supplement skin care.Image result for PropolisPrevention and complementary treatment of acne

The antibacterial properties of propolis help reduce inflammation of the skin and complement the care of acne acne. In addition, propolis releases the pores of the skin, contributing to diluting these effects and preventing subsequent acne exacerbations.

Alignment of skin pigmentation and complexion
Propolis also acts as an antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals that damage melanocytes and disrupt the production of the skin pigment melanin .

Wax Removal
Studies have shown that treating a few drops of concentrated propolis tincture daily can help shrink and remove warts on the skin. The positive effect is associated with the anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties of propolis.

Wound healing from burns
More serious sunburn as well as lighter forms of other types of skin burns can be alleviated by the application of propolis products. In addition, propolis also has a stimulating effect on the renewal of the epidermal layer of the skin.

Along with its complementary influence to overcome some skin problems, propolis also has a pure tonic effect on the skin to maintain its good health. Therefore, it can also be applied as part of everyday skin care at any age as a rich source of coumarin, polyphenols and amino acids for skin health.