Postponing the alarm in the morning causes damage

In cases where we have accidentally gone too late for our standards, there is no problem in postponing the alarm on your phone in the morning. Although a dozen minutes of bonus sleep does not compensate for our sleeplessness at night, it is the most efficient way to get wake up. The problem of postponing the alarm comes when it becomes a daily habit and we postpone it several times in a row.

According to sleep experts, the repeated postponement of the morning alert not only does not bring us more relaxation but also directly harms our sleep in the long run.

Everyone knows how tempting the thought is that he can sleep a little longer and that the pleasure is the same, whether we’ve slept long enough, whether we’ve slept in time or later. That’s exactly why we need to push the alarm delay button in the morning. The price we pay for the ten minute bonus is great.

We disbalance the hormones

As soon as we wake up, our sleep hormone melatonin levels fall rapidly. At the same time, the secretion of cortisol – the stress hormone that helps us in the morning in the morning – increases. This relationship unlocks a cascade of other hormonal changes affecting the secretion of adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, and others. When we put off our alarm a few times in the morning and fall asleep briefly, the brain is confused in its tasks to direct the changes in hormonal secretion. Thus our excitement is getting harder and more time consuming.

The imbalance of hormones leads to additional effects that may prove negative in the long run.