Overactive thyroid – symptoms in men

The state in which the thyroid gland works with increased activity is referred to as hyperthyroidism . It is more often diagnosed in women, but often affects male health. Therefore, men should also be vigilant about their characteristic symptoms. An overactive thyroid gland results in an elevated thyroid hormone level (T3 and T4), which is associated with the characteristic complaints.

After examining the symptoms of hypothyroidism in men , it is time to point out those with hyperthyroidism. They affect both the physical and emotional state of the man because the higher than normal levels of thyroid hormones disrupt the course of different types of physiological processes.

Weight loss
Metabolism disorder is a major symptom of thyroid problems. Its hyperactivity and increased production of thyroid hormone leads to rapid weight loss due to the acceleration of metabolism. Thus, men with hyperthyroidism often decrease significantly, even with increasing daily caloric intake. Weight loss is the most characteristic manifestation of overactive thyroid in men. But this rule has exceptions, and hyperthyroidism can lead to obesity , albeit on very rare occasions.

Changes in heart rate
Rhythm disorders in heartbeat are the second most recognized symptom of hyperthyroidism in men. Elevated levels of thyroid hormone occur mainly with pulse rate (tachycardia) reaching more than 100 beats per minute. The absence of other degraded features in conducting a cardiac examination may be seen as a clear sign that the accelerated pulse is provoked by the overactive thyroid gland.

Gastrointestinal complaints
A characteristic digestive problem in hyperthyroidism is accelerated intestinal peristalsis with frequent wrinkling of the intestine. This often hinders food processing, and chronic diarrhea occurs as a further complaint .

Skin changes
Overactive thyroid also leads to changes in the skin structure – it is drained, easily irritated, often rash.

Behavioral manifestations
Besides the physiologically recognizable symptom of hyperthyroidism are also the emotional manifestations of men – irritability, anxiety, sleeping problems.

Overactive thyroid gland in men is diagnosed easily and quickly with a blood test , tracking thyroid hormone levels. As an additional diagnostic method, a physical examination of the gland is performed to detect the presence of nodules or other changes that are easy to feel at the base of the neck.