Obstructed Nose, Rhinitis or Sinusitis? Your Problem Is In The Bowel. Discover How to Solve!

Nasal congestion is a very usual problem with people when we are in winter , because the weather has a great influence on our airways.

When temperatures are getting low, infections can be made more easily in this aspect and, therefore, as a defense mechanism, we can produce a large amount of nasal fluids.

Similarly, nasal congestion happens because of other diseases like sinusitis, rhinitis and also the common cold, although the latter is the simplest of the problems, since the above diseases are related in certain cases with the same physiology of our nose .

This remedy will discover your nose immediately

That is why in this case we are looking for something to teach you a home remedy that is going to help you to remove all the mucus from your nose, free your airways and you can feel an instant relief.

This remedy will give you options and you will not have to choose other medications in the market, you will save some money and have better and greater benefits in terms of your general well-being.

To prepare the home remedy, you only need to obtain the following:


-1 teaspoon salt
-Average sodium bicarbonate
-A glass with hot water


Pour all the ingredients in the glass with hot water and mix, this preparation will serve to perform a nasal wash. This procedure can be done with the help of a syringe or a dropper.

You should perform the nasal wash twice a day and in a couple of them you will already notice that the problem will disappear completely.

If you also have a sore throat, try gargling with water and salt.