Nettles and parsley instead of algae – the truth about superfoods

Superfoods have become known over the past few years. They concentrate on products with a higher nutritional value and are more rich in useful substances than ordinary ones.

That is, we can afford to consume less of them and to satisfy our body’s needs of nutrients – trace elements, antioxidants, etc.

Also, superfoods have the properties of an herb. However, imports that are widely advertised in the media are rather expensive, she said.

“Instead of spending money on algae, we can safely replace them with foods like nettles or parsley. If we decide to invest in imports, it is good to choose organic.

For this purpose, we need to use walnuts, nettles, parsley, Leporidae, fenugreek, basil, a little salt, lemon and food yeast. All products are blended or pasted to give a homogeneous mixture that is placed on peeled and chopped cucumber.