Natural Recipe To Clean Your Bowel And Lose Weight We Teach You How To Do It!

How many would like to know the most effective recipes for thorough bowel cleansing and weight loss? Best of all, they are based on natural ingredients.

Every time we are using the bathroom to evacuate, a certain amount of waste is not eliminated and gradually accumulates from the walls of our intestines; coming to affect him.

How to clean the bowel and lose weight easily

Including detox drinks in your diet can help you lose weight, keep your body purified and eliminate excess toxins that can make you sick.

These beverages provide a great variety of benefits, such as: balancing the dietary values of the diet, burning fat, helping to lose weight and detoxifying the body.

Although there are ways to get the same results, detox drinks are completely natural and can be prepared and swallowed quickly and at low cost.

1. Drink to reduce the abdomen:


-Half pineapple
-A cucumber.
-Half aloe leaf.
-An Apple.
-Two cups of water.


Wash all the ingredients and then cut the pineapple, cucumber and apple, without removing the skin and peel the aloe leaf. Insert all the ingredients in the blender and process for one minute.

Consumption mode:

Consume two glasses of this drink on an empty stomach for a week. For best results, we recommend eating breakfast foods that give you energy for the rest of the day.

2.- Drink to detoxify


-Half a kilo of papaya
-Two peaches
-A carrot
-Three peeled garlic cloves
-A beet
-A banana

Two cups of water.


Wash and cut all the ingredients into small pieces and add them, together with the water, in the jug of the blender. Crush the garlic and process everything for a minute until there are no lumps.


You must consume between two and three glasses of this detox drink throughout the day. After two weeks, you will begin to feel a sense of well-being and energy.