Mistakes in cooking affect our health

Do you cook often? Are you trying to have a variety on the table? It is believed that the flushed consumption of food, with which we buy more than 40 nutrients, is healthy for the body. Many nutritionists and dieticians recommend eating at least three days a week of meat, two fish, the same number of legumes.

Meats and vegetables should be cooked or grilled, not fried with pan and harmful hydrogenated fats, as they are very calorie and lead to obesity.

If we want to change our diet, spring is the perfect time for it. First of all, we need to compile a list of a variety of products. Many people think that when they cook at home, they eat a lot of better quality food because they know what’s on their plate. But this is not the case, because each of us makes several major mistakes that harm our health.

We’ve made home-made mayonnaise of curd and avocado. But she has been in the refrigerator for several days now, and we wonder if it is at all ready to eat. The first thing that comes to mind is to try, but this solution can cause us stomach discomfort. Some refrigerators can conserve the food for weeks, but if there is a dangerous bacterium in it, it can be soaked and smelled the next day after it is cooked. Another thing – if the mixture does not smell, it can also mislead us to find out that what we swallowed is broken. That is, tasting can cause us food poisoning, so it is better not to keep anything cooked in the refrigerator for too long.Image result for Mistakes in cooking affect our health
For example, carrots, broccoli, corn, radish, beet, celery may be stored in a refrigerator bag but not completely closed to allow them to reach more fresh air.

Another mistake we make when cooking is that we do not clean enough the surface where we cleaned or cut the raw meat. The rule is that vessels that are in contact with raw meat, poultry, seafood, or eggs should be washed thoroughly, because the juices of these raw products may contain harmful bacteria, including Escherichia and Salmonella. These bacteria die in the heat treatment, but the juices on the non-washed surfaces remain and can infect us if they get into the body.

Some hosts always try what they cook before removing it from the hob. But getting an unheated egg or meat in the body, even a dough, poses a risk to our health. This is another reason to blame harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, fluid loss.

A common mistake of the people they cook is too long thawing. Sometimes we leave the mince on the stove, forget it and think about it after 5-6 hours. And for that time the bacteria in it have multiplied. In this connection, it is better to take a product from the previous day’s freezer and let it calmly thaw in the refrigerator.

The health risks will be minimized if we do not allow these errors during cooking. We will not have stomach upset and if we buy our food from selected manufacturers and we read the labels more often.