Medicines for fatigue and weight in the legs

Summer is the season in which we most often experience discomfort when standing and sitting for a long time. This is due to intravenous stagnation.

Drugs that affect this condition are known as vegans. They reduce the permeability (permeability) and the fragility of the blood vessels. They include bioflavonoids, vitamin P-like substances of plant origin. In addition to their beneficial effects, they also have an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying effect, reducing the risk of bleeding.

Diosamine is  one of the most preferred products for intravenous stagnation. It is a micronized bioflavonoid fraction of plant origin. By suppressing the formation of inflammatory mediators, it achieves a venotonic, capillary-like effect and reduces swelling. Enhances blood circulation and rheological properties (fluidity) of the blood. Proven effect is seen in chronic venous insufficiency of lower limbs, varicose ulcers and hemorrhoids. It is prescribed orally according to a schedule.

For intravenous stagnation, the recommended dose is 2 tablets a day, 1 tablet of lunch and 1 tablet of evening meal during at least two weeks. Treatment results in the best possible result if combined with a well-balanced lifestyle. Avoid direct sun exposure, prolonged sitting and sitting, overweight. Walking and wearing compression socks improves circulation.

Many drugs are made on the basis of purified grape seedextract . They contain proanthocyanidins. Like the diosmina, they also strengthen the vascular wall, reduce the fragility of the capillaries and improve blood circulation. This alleviates the symptoms of pain and weight in the legs.

It is recommended twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for 20 days a month, followed by a 10-day rest period.

Troserutin also belongs to the group of the conquerors. It can be found in the form of capsules for oral administration or in the form of a gel for spreading.

The use of capsules for venous insufficiency is 1 capsule 2-3 times a day. Symptoms usually resolve in less than two weeks. It is advisable to keep this dosage until the symptoms completely disappear. The maintenance dose is 1 capsule twice daily.

Gels containing troxerutin are successfully applied to swelling and bruising. They also relieve pain and weight in the legs. Apply 2-3 times daily with bottom-up massage movements