Marigold Magical Herb That Treats Skin Cancer, Warts And Many More Diseases

Calendula officinalis or also known as common marigold is a one-year, rarely two-year-old, decorative herb, up to 50 cm high.

The marigold is easy to grow, but only the large, so-called “double” flowers with a distinct orange color should be selected during the breeding. The flower should be collected in dry and sunny weather and immediately dry on a strong draft so that it can preserve the beautiful natural color and smell as much as possible, because it is appreciated, above all, according to appearance, color, and smell.

Chemical composition:

In the dried flower of the marigold, it has essential oil and grease, rubber, resin. And various carotenoid colors, mucus, sugar, protein, phytosterol, salicylic acid, enzymes and various salts.

Medicinal properties:

The marigold is used externally and internally, more in folk than in scientific medicine. The healing properties of the marigold are known for a long time. Ever since Xll century, there is evidence of the use of marigold and its flowers against cancer, especially skin cancer and breast cancer and female genital organs. Also externally for the removal of warts and blisters.

The detected traits of the marigold make it possible to make a series of significant actions such as bacterial, viral (basically against flu viruses A, A2).

Marigold oil is commonly used to treat skin diseases, as well as to reduce tumors.

Marigold tea has a calming effect, reduces the pressure, especially in the climacteric period.

Alcohol extract, ointment, and tea from the marigold are used to treat wounds, burns, frostbites, pimples, ulcers, lichens.

Marigold tea helps with angina, throat infections, paradentosis, cough. Vaginal rinsing should be used in various gynecological diseases. In addition, folk medicine is used as a remedy for swallowing, spasms, urination, and rickets. The marigold is an easy antiseptic. In the form of tea, tincture or ointment is used to treat certain skin diseases. Especially burns, ulcers, lichens, axilla stings, sweating, and skin cancer.

Treating skin cancer

Tea or tincture, diluted with 3 parts of boiled water, rinse the diseased place. Then swarm with this balm: 10 grams of tincture of marigold mix well with a mixture of 20 grams of lanolin, Vaseline, and zinc oxide.