Many Cases of “Dementia” Are Actually Side Effects of Prescription Drugs or Vaccines, According to Research

The “quick facts” given by the Alzheimer’s Association are mind-blowing: More than five million people in America are still living with Alzheimer’s, and that number is known to be estimated to reach 16 million by the year 2050. As the sixth leading cause of death in our nation, it kills more Americans than prostate cancer and breast cancer combined. Someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer’s every 66 seconds; will you be one of them?

If you have statistics given like these, it is not a new thing why people want to do everything they can help to reduce these odds. However, it’s also important to note that Alzheimer’s is only one of the potential causes of dementia. While many people use the terms interchangeably, Alzheimer’s is really only responsible for around 50 to 70 percent of dementia cases. The misleading terminology is obscuring one very dark fact about dementia: Many times, it’s being caused not by something scientists are still struggling to understand like Alzheimer’s but rather by things that are masquerading as tools for good health; vaccines and prescription drugs.

In fact, the Alzheimer’s Association that is publicizing these statistics is been subsidized by the all so known Big Pharma. This can be stated as a good business sense because they want people that are going to believe that every memory-loss patient will fall under the Alzheimer’s umbrella because then they can sell you drugs that purportedly address it. Their research has led them to an approach that pays dividends: promoting and destigmatizing what many think of as “mental illnesses,” making them seem unpreventable but manageable with drugs. A lot of people that are working for the Alzheimer’s Association and similar organizations are good people that for sure want to help other people but are often not aware with the connection to Big Pharma.

You have more control over “dementia” than you’re being led to believe

It comes as a no surprise that dementia cases have been going crazy around during the same time that children and adults have been vaccinated more than needed (flu shot, anyone?) and the over-prescription of brain-altering drugs like antidepressants is prevalent.

A help guide that has been based on a Harvard University report admits as much. According to the report, “medications are common culprits in mental decline.” As the body ages, the liver’s efficiency when it comes to metabolizing drugs declines, and the kidneys do not eliminate them as quickly as they once did. This causes the drugs to accumulate in the body, which means those who take multiple medications are particularly susceptible to this effect.

Included on the list of drugs that have been published in the guide that cause dementia-like symptoms are antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, sedatives, corticosteroids, narcotics, antihistamines, cardiovascular drugs, and anticonvulsants. It’s a very broad range of drugs, and many elderly people take medications from one or more of those categories. In fact, you might want to go check your medicine cabinet right now.