Mandarin Peel: 7 Problems That Solve Better Than Drugs

Mandarin is quite a tasty citrus fruit that is coming from a tree. It is very common to orange so many people confuse them. If you live in the tropics you will have a lot of tangerines in sight.

Origin of the mandarin

They have their origin in Asia. Some historians believe that they grew up in the forests of China. This plant adapts to several climatic, desert and tropical conditions.

Its popularity in Europe spread rapidly thanks to a trade with Asian countries.

The popularity of this fruit lies in its properties which are varied.

Properties of mandarin:

-They have an exquisite flavor.
-They have a unique aroma.
-The rind is smooth and the pulp is sweet.
-It has a large amount of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9.
-It has key minerals such as magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, selenium and zinc.
-If you consume this tropical fruit please do not bounce the shell. Many doctors indicate that it has a multitude of benefits that we will mention below:

Benefits of tangerine peel:


Mandarin Peel can help combat respiratory conditions such as bronchitis. If you suffer from bronchitis we invite you to follow the following recommendations:

-Add half mandarin peel to a glass of hot water.
-Let it sit for one hour.
-Drink it with total confidence.
-You can eat them three times a day.
-Say goodbye to bronchitis quickly and naturally.


Cough is an unpleasant symptom of colds or respiratory problems . This is usually annoying and can severely affect the throat.

The shell of this magical fruit can help you fight coughs. For this you must follow the following:

-Let the peels dry and in very small pieces.
-Heat water and add in a glass of hot water.
-Let it sit for a week.
-After that time you must strain it.
Take 20 drops of that liquid in a glass of water at each meal for three times a day

Nasal congestion

The tangerine peel can help you with nasal congestion through the following method:

Place several shells in a container with boiling water.
Aspirate the steam that emerges from the container for at least 10 minutes.
After this time you can rest in a quiet place to avoid exposure.

Digestive problems

To combat digestive problems do the following:

-Spray the shell to get an orange powder.
-Add this powder to any food.
-This will help you not have stomach pain or flatulence.

Foot fungus

This is very common among the world population and is a perfect target for the development of infections. The tangerine can help you reduce it in the following way:

Rub the peel in the affected area twice a day for a week.
Physical exhaustion and sleeping problems
Proceed to place a small bag with several shells and keep them close. Breathe in the aroma for fifteen minutes.

This will also help you to reduce headaches.

Hypertension and tachycardia

Add the peel to three liters of water and bring them to a boil. Let it rest for one hour. Strain the substance and proceed to take a bath with this substance. Make this bath one day if and not one day.

Benefits of including mandarin in your daily diet

Source of vitamin C

It has a strong presence of vitamin C, which helps prevent damage caused by free radicals . In addition, it collaborates with your immune system, increasing the defenses against several diseases.

Cancer prevention It
helps fight cancer because it contains many acids good for the human body.

The nitric oxide that contains the tangerine, helps in the prevention of several types of cancer. Even some studies indicate that consuming tangerine juice can reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Reduces cholesterol
The tangerine peel has properties to lower blood cholesterol. Therefore, if you have problems with this you must include it immediately in your diet.

Certain doctors indicate that tangerine has substances that help to metabolize fat and triglycerides in a great way. It also contains pectin, a soluble fiber that reduces cholesterol.


The mandarin has 88% water, so it is ideal to combat constipation and dehydration.

It has 2 grams of dietary fiber, specifically in the white part of the pulp and bark.


The consumption of mandarin is recommended, due to the presence of vitamin C (half of those required daily). It is an essential nutrient to absorb iron from food.


The mandarin contains nobiletin, which allows us to fight atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries by accumulation of fat. This goes in addition to that it helps you to decrease the fats.

Blood pressure

This fruit has nutrients and minerals such as potassium, which reduces blood pressure. Before going to the cardiologist, tell him that you are eating mandarins, he will tell you to keep doing it.

Weight loss

This fruit has a lot of fiber. Foods that have fiber allow you to feel that your stomach is fuller. This for a greater amount of time. In addition they reduce the desire to eat, so they help us in the diets. Doctors also discovered that tangerines allow insulin to be lowered.

Wound healing

Mandarin oil is key in the growth of new cells and tissues. If you have a wound you can use it to help heal it much faster.

In addition, the tangerine helps in the health of the skin, improving the tone and avoiding the signs of aging . Those signs are wrinkles, fine lines and spots. In the hair the fruit helps you in the growth and in delaying the exit of the gray hairs that we hate so much.

Final Considerations

Include tangerine in your fruit and vegetable diet. Many patients have already given good results in their treatments. It is time for you to see these positive results in your daily life and better every day more.