Leek Is Great Kidney Cleanser And Fights Kidney Diseases

Today, for the leek, it is known that its most suitable substance is the essential oil that contains sulfur. This oil by easy irritation causes the secretion of gastric and intestinal glands, liver and gallbladder, and prevents the root cause of rotting and boiling in the intestines. This cleansing improves general health and increases appetite. Significant amounts of mucus are stimulated by herbs, as well as all herbs containing mucus, the secretion of mucus from the respiratory organs.

It is claimed that the leek accelerates urine secretion without irritation. Large amounts of vitamins A, B and C contribute to the leek being an important winter vegetable. Unfortunately, the leek is most often used as an addition to dishes and to enhance the taste.

The famous physician and biologist Lekler reintroduced the old French folk remedy for leeks with milk and potatoes and recommended this dish for inflammation of the kidneys and other kidney diseases. This diet should not be salted, and if salt is already put in place, then it should be done in very small quantities.

If someone stabbed by a bee and if there is a leek, you should slive the leek in tiny pieces and put a few pieces on the stinging place, so the pain will quickly stop. If you suffer from pain in the bones and waist, the whole leеk should be sliced. That is, the underground and the above-ground part of the plant, which is more often placed in the diseased places. And on the ulcers lay compresses from a finely chopped underground part of the leеk soaked in a little milk.

Here is another recipe for a cough:

Chop the leeks finely, and put them in a little bit milk and boil them. Then add honey. All this is well cut and mixed, so you can eat it with a spoon.

Folk medicine recommends leeks in rheumatism, metabolism disorders, excess fat, kidney stones, bone pains, improved liver function, better digestion of food in the body, increased appetite and aids for easier peeing.

The lump has one good quality: with its standing, the amount of vitamin C increases by 1.5 times.

Note: As with any exaggeration, large quantities of leeks are harmful, and can lead to even death. When Emperor Tiberius summoned Mela for responsibility because of the poor governance of the province he was entrusted with. Mela drank a liter of pure juice from the leek and soon died quite painlessly.