Know Your Type Of A Headache And Cure It With These Remedies

A migraine is often considered a female disease, which is wrong. Strong headaches tortured Julius Caesar, Beethoven, Marx, Mopasan, Darwin, Tchaikovsky, Nietzsche, Freud … all genius minds. Regardless of gender and age, this attack is capable of depriving the sick of working ability and living energy. Which Russian folk remedies help in this case?

A migraine? Forget the tablets


Fill two tablespoons of dry chamomile flowers in a thermos with half a liter of boiling water. Leave it overnight, and then drain it out and drink during the attacks of headache one-third of cup three times a day before eating.

Sprinkle a tablespoon of dry root of valerian with a mug of cold water and allow it to stand overnight. Take one tablespoon three times a day. The root of the valerian can also be cut in small pieces, so take it at the top of the spoon three or four times a day.


Sprinkle a spoonful of dried lemon balm or leaves of lemon balm and pour over them a spoon of boiled water. Let it cool down, then drain it. You can add half a teaspoon of honey. Drink a cup once or twice a day. Therapy lasts for a week.

In a cup of black tea, put a piece of ground fresh ginger root with hazelnut. Drink three times a day for one month. Pause for two weeks, then repeat. Note: If you suffer from high blood pressure, do not take ginger.


You should prepare this tincture sooner and always have it in your home pharmacy. Cut 45 walnuts in half. Pour them over with half a liter of vodka, then leave it in a dark place for ten days. Take one deciliter once a day before eating. After three weeks, make a break of ten days, then repeat that treatment.

Boiled remedies

Wash half a kilogram of oranges, and then grind them with the peel into a meat grinder. Add the grated root of fresh horseradish and 500 g of sugar, and then mix. Pour the mixture with a liter of dry white wine and cook on steam for about an hour. Drain it and rinse it in a glass bottle. Keep it in the refrigerator. Drink 50 ml three times a day before eating to improve the condition.

Herbal mixtures

Slice in small pieces the dried grass from motherwort, the fruits of the hawthorn and the root of valerian in equal parts, sprinkle one tablespoon of the mixture with a cup of boiled water, cook for 20 minutes on steam and then drain. Drink a quarter cup four times a day to improve the condition.

Mix two tablespoons of a dried lemon balm with half a spoonful of rosemary and mint and a pinch of cinnamon. Sprinkle one tablespoon of the mixture in a mug of boiling water. Let it cool down, drain it and drink it instead of tea until the condition improves.

These are the type of a headache. Now your type of a headache and act against it.


Pain pressing in the back of the neck. It increases when sneezing and coughing.

First aid

lie down so your head will be in the elevated position (half-sitting).

Put on the forehead and on the sides of the forehead, a cloth soaked in cold water.

Measure the pressure, and if elevated, take an extra dose of the appropriate medication prescribed by your doctor.

To refine a portion of the blood to the periphery, apply the mustard on the feet and/or the back of the neck. The Russians use the so-called. mustard, syrup coatings.

A migraine

The pain occurs on one side of the head, most often on the sides of the forehead, and has a pulsating character.

First aid

Take a comfortable position and ventilate the room. Slide the curtains in the room to be half-dark, provide silence, and try to fall asleep (often the sleeping solves the problem or relieves the symptoms);

If a migraine is still present, drink a cup of sweet tea. Take a shower first with warm than with cold water, or simply put your feet in a warm bath, and place a thermoform with cold water on your head. Massage your feet and sides of the forehead.


Constant pain that moves from the neck. It can grow and spread around the entire head as a hoop. It is awkward, but it can not be said that it is unbearable.

First aid

Vent the room and massage your head. Massage the part of the forehead to the neck, from the crown to the ears and neck. Also, massage your neck, and then the sides of your forehead. The self-massage is very helpful, and fresh air and deep breathing are effective to distract thoughts from problems.