Keep A Safe Distance From Your Cell Phone And Prevent Cancer

Today almost everyone has a cell phone. But from the moment they came to this day, there are constant disputes about whether they are safe for our health or not.

So, is the cellphone useful or harmful?

Commented Dr. Nina Anatolevna Kopitova from Minsk. Extensive surveys carried out over the past 15 years have not compiled convincing precursors for unconditional damage or for complete security from the use of cell phones. Although in May 2011 the World Health Organization and the International Agency for the Study of Cancer officially announced that radiation from mobile phone receivers was potentially carcinogenic, accepting its possible indication of the development of malignant neoplasms in the array and neck, many experts claim that electromagnetic radiation from the modern mobile phones and equipment from the base stations does not exceed the limit of the permitted values and no special protection devices are required. In any case, caution does not hurt.


Use your mobile phone only when needed, and at work and at home give priority to ordinary, fixed phones

On 30-40 centimeters of the phone, radiation is considerably weaker, while calling the subscriber and looking for a network, try to keep the cell phone at a certain distance from the head

Overnight turn off the phone or hold at least one meter away from the bed (it would be ideal to be in another room).

Hazardous appliances

The so-called routers (cable and TV cable and internet cabinets located in the home) are extremely dangerous to health because they emit negative electromagnetic radiation.