How To Make A Natural Infusion That Helps You Fight Cough, Asthma, And Other Infections Learn The Recipe!

How would you like to get to know one recipe about natural medicine that will relieve the effects of asthma and cure infections? It is a natural remedy, very amazing for these conditions.

Oregano is an aromatic plant appreciated in the culinary area as a condiment, although it also has fantastic medicinal properties that work for the benefit of health.

Prepare a tea with this fabulous plant and replenish your health

Oregano tea contains many properties that make it ideal for relieving respiratory conditions such as asthma and cough, additionally; It is excellent antimicrobial and bactericidal.

To make it, you will need the following

-A spoonful of crushed oregano leaf.
-A cup of water.
-A spoonful of natural honey, if you want to sweeten the drink.

How should you prepare

First take the oregano leaves and pulverize them with the food processor. Now take a spoonful of the crushed oregano and insert it into an empty cup.

Then, pour a cup of boiled water over the crushed oregano, cover and let it rest for about three or five minutes to drain its essence. Strain and sweeten it with honey.

How to ingest this natural remedy

To enhance the effect of oregano tea, you should consume a spoonful three times a day every day. If it’s for a child, half the dosage will be more than enough.

This fabulous home remedy will also be very useful if what you want is to end bronchitis and end respiratory infections. You can take it preventively.