Hinnibus – the herb, a natural analogue of insulin

The herb ( Cyclopia intermedia ) does not grow freely in our country, but this does not prevent it from being among the most sought after exotic herbs. It is a bushy plant with distinctive large colors with white to reddish colors. Most recognizable for hinibus, however, is the very intense natural copper aroma , which is due to the specific name of the plant, also known as the honey bee . The rich aroma grows in a natural taste, and the hinibus tea is famous for its very pleasant and aromatic sweetness.

Hornbush decoction is very poor in tannins and caffeine , which distinguishes it from coffee, green and black tea, for example. This distinctive feature, however, is entirely positive. Because the lack of tannins and caffeine in hung tea is offset by the very high content of much more important and useful bioactive ingredients.

Honeysuckle tea is rich in phenols, flavonoids and other types of powerful antioxidants . Their content is highest in the colors and leaves of the herb. Therefore, these structures are of the highest pharmacological interest and are used as a means of preventing and complementing the treatment of certain health problems.Image result for Cyclopia intermediaDiabetes
Along with other beneficial ingredients, the hinibus herb is rich in pinitol , a compound that exhibits a biological activity similar to that of insulin . Pigitol successfully reduces blood sugar levels and improves control of it in people with insulin-dependent diabetes.

Menopausal complaints
The Honeybush Herb is rich in isoflavones and coumestrol, phytoestrogens . These are natural structural analogues of estrogen that balance the hormone deficiency during menopause and help to overcome the characteristic symptoms of menopause.

Skin problems caused by UV rays
Studies have shown that the bioactive components in the honey composition also protect against the damaging effect of ultraviolet rays, especially the UVB rays that cause sunburn of the skin . The sun-protecting effect of the herb consists in reducing oxidative stress and neutralizing the free radicals formed under the influence of UV rays. Hylubus oil, in turn, successfully relieves symptoms of more severe sunburn such as skin redness, swelling, inflammation, and so on.

Preventing cancer
Hanibush is among the herbs, the most comprehensive studies on the antimutagenic and their inhibitory effect on tumor growth. It has been found that regular consumption of haynibus tea can not only slow growth, but also destroy some types of cancer cells in the early stages of some cancers – the cervix , the ovaries, the prostate, etc.

The Honeybush Herb can be used to make tea by hot water infusion or to prepare more concentrated extracts with more complex action.