Herb To Destroy Herpes, Flu, Parasites, Joint Healing, Arthritis, Sciatica and Bladder

We know the different properties and benefits that natural medicine has for the organism, that’s where we realize that our grandmothers were right in saying that everything natural is better. Well, without a doubt, Mother Earth has given human beings one of the most wonderful gifts, which is the possibility of creating recipes through plants or herbs that are born from it, that is why you must take care of the environment.

Although currently there are multiple alternatives to eliminate any evil that may be in the body these are often highly expensive and in some cases can cause side effects to health, That is why now people rely on natural medicine, This is totally accessible to the public, since there are preparations that you can make from the comfort of your home.

In this publication we will talk about all the benefits that thyme brings to health, it is a powerful aromatic plant, it is a member of the mint family.

It is an antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal and expectorant that kills microbes and Destroy Herpes, helps strengthen the immune system, eliminates toxins, increases resistance to foreign organisms, among other benefits.

Benefits of thyme for health
This medicinal plant consists of multiple health benefits. Next, we list the main ones.

It’s hungry When you have a lack of appetite, the essence increases the desire to eat, a feature that can be used by people suffering from anorexia. You just have to add a little bit of the herb to the recipes.

Fight anemia. One of the minerals present in thyme is iron. If you have a lack of this molecule, taking an infusion from time to time could partially supply it. Combine it with other foods such as lentils. Remember that iron is found in red blood cells forming hemoglobin, a molecule that transports oxygen from the lungs to all the cells in the body.

It facilitates digestion. Prevents stomach spasms, as well as the accumulation of gases that cause pain in the intestine. Thyme is carminative, if lately you have discomfort in the stomach, a tea after each meal will be helpful.

Relaxing. This herb possesses the property of naturally relaxing the body. If you have trouble sleeping, try drinking a relaxing infusion that incorporates it, you will see how you rest much better.

It reduces the feeling of fatigue due to the presence of lysine, an amino acid whose deficiency causes this symptom.

For rheumatism. Its thymol content makes thyme a convenient plant to relieve the symptoms that cause rheumatic conditions.

For menstruation. It has been seen in various investigations its emenagogue properties, since it reduces menstrual pain and all its consequences such as discomfort in the head or fluid retention.

Fight the cough.

In addition, thyme has external uses, both to calm the pain of wounds and the world of beauty. For example, essential oils relax the muscles when you stretch excessively or have made an effort that causes stiffness.

In the nails, if you have them black by a blow, introduce the fingers in an infusion made with the dry plant and rest a few minutes to reduce inflammation. Also, this use serves to combat fungi in both hands and feet. Its antioxidant components fight against the fungal and bacterial presence.

Other uses:

Its use as oil is ideal in these cases. It is also used to treat physical and psychological weakness, such as: Recover strength after an illness, It is effective against depression, Chronic fatigue and lack of concentration, Improves circulation, Increases memory, Balances the mind, EL body and increases blood pressure when it is too low.

Being a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic agent, thyme essential oil is widely used in solutions for the disinfection of hands before surgery.

Other additional uses: It kills fungi on the nails, kills parasites, is used for candida and vaginitis, treats infections of the urinary tract and bladder, as it acts as a diuretic, relieves muscle pain, gout, arthritis, sciatica and sports injuries, you can use it as a hair tonic or face wash to treat acne or warts, it is ideal as an insect repellent.

How to prepare a medicinal infusion of Thyme.

The infusion of thyme with honey and lemon helps to calm the symptoms: flu, sore throat, colds, cough, cough. Learn how to prepare it.

Preparing an infusion is very simple: First, it is put to heat water and when it starts to boil it is removed from the fire. Then add the necessary amount of thyme and let it rest for ten minutes. Next, the preparation is strained and served.

Thyme Contraindications:

Thyme is not toxic when consumed according to the established doses. In contrast, the use of thyme essential oil is more restricted and should never be applied in pregnant women and in people with ulcers or heart problems. Due to its high thymol content, the prolonged use of thyme essential oil can cause hyperthyroidism or intoxication as a result of an irritation of the digestive system.

Now that you know all the benefits of this wonderful plant that you hope to achieve and use it for your personal benefit, remember that if you have any doubt you can consult it with a specialist, take care of your health is your responsibility, never forget it.