From what to clean the house during spring cleaning?

woman cleaning an oven

Our environment is abundant with products that have a negative impact on our health. In this respect, the most dangerous are the toxins in products we are exposed to for prolonged periods, such as those in our home.  What better way to get rid of them than spring cleaning?

The most dangerous in the long run is the exposure to toxins that impair the functions of the endocrine system and distort the hormonal balance of the body. These are the so-called endocrine disruptors . Substances with such an effect on the body can be found in the composition of a number of household products. It turns out that almost every room of our home may have products and objects that have a negative impact on our health. Traditional spring cleaning provides a convenient opportunity to get rid of them.

As a major source of endocrine-damaging toxicants, plastic articles in the household, especially older and worn out, are mentioned. They release into the environment phthalates and bisphenols – substances added to increase the structure and flexibility of the plastic. Particularly dangerous in this respect are household dishes in which we hold food for extended periods of time. Over time, they not only release more toxic phthalates and bisphenols but are also contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms.

Most phthalates and bisphenols are released when the plastic products are heated – for example when used in a microwave oven . Regular exposure to such products is associated with a high risk of thyroid injury and worsening of sex hormone secretion in women with subsequent problems with childbearing potential.

Much of the older furniture can also be a source of health-conscious substances. Sofas, chairs and armchairs made decades ago often contain sophisticated ethers and other substances used in them as a means of fire protection and incineration. For many of these products, today there is evidence that they are dangerous to health and harm hormone secretion. The modern trend is to replace such furniture with those containing organic materials.

The ingredients of many household cleaning and hygienic products , including antibacterial soaps, gels and toothpastes, can also have a negative impact on health . The composition of such products should always be monitored for potentially dangerous substances such as phthalates, triclosan and others.

Dangerous substances are also found in the packaging of certain foods, especially in cans, plastic bags , etc. It is not advisable to use such materials more than once.

By removing products with potentially dangerous ingredients from our household, we will not only increase the effect of spring cleaning and organize our household more environmentally friendly, but will also make our home a stronghold of good health . Our endocrine system can not fail to appreciate this gesture of dignity.