Foods That You Should Eat During The Morning To Lose Weight

One of the greatest tips that is going to help you if you want to have healthier food and want to lose weight is “Pay attention to your stomach.”

“Most of us let many external stimuli, usually visual, determine how much we eat. The greater the ration, the more we eat: the larger the container, the more we serve (…) It may take up to twenty minutes before the brain learns that we have a full stomach; That means that if you take less than twenty minutes to finish your meal, the feeling of satisfaction will come too late and will no longer serve you. Slow down a bit and pay attention to what your body has to tell you. ”

That, in addition to breakfast is the most important dish of the day, they are a perfect combination.

The more you listen to your body and stop guiding yourself by visual stimuli, and while you eat foods that help you lose weight,

For sure the rest of the day we will have no problem to eat even better and feel the changes time by time.


Rich in protein (one egg has 7.5 g of protein), eggs are an excellent option to lose weight. As we mentioned earlier, an omelette with cheese, bacon and salsa will not help much. However, a small serving, which corresponds to an egg, a few mushrooms and some spinach can give you energy and be healthy.


The fiber will help you in the digestion of food and start your day with a plate of oatmeal is one of the best decisions, as well as helping you lose weight metabolically, it makes you feel very satisfied, so you make sure you do not feel hungry for a few hours. This simple recipe of oatmeal with Greek yogurt is one of your best options.

Black beans

Black beans are another protein-rich food, and it’s a soluble protein that’s much more efficient at getting rid of body fat. These beans, if consumed routinely, help reduce body fat to 3.7 in five years. A slow but sure process.

Natural peanut butter

The industrialized versions are replete with preservatives, refined sugars and more, while the natural peanut butter has few ingredients, it is natural and it is also delicious. Using this cream in the morning makes the monounsaturated fats it contains to help you reach your ideal weight.


Vegetables should always be 50% of the total dish and breakfasts almost always lack them. The best thing is that you use vegetables from the previous day or you propose to make dishes in which before you used other foods and replace them with vegetables. You can even mix things up a bit, like creating a Benedictine egg salad.

Your breakfast should give you energy, it should help you to concentrate, to think and everything without making you feel totally full. Remember that the day is starting and if you start with the right foot, you will soon reach your ideal weight.