“Fashionable” Green Juices Damage The Kidneys

From juices to cleanse the colon, green juices , smoothies to lose weight , green shakes to deflate the abdomen or green smoothies to lose weight fast, DETOX plans , all this is a product of misinformation and business.

Mostly, to find the right contents not only of miracle products but of miracle remedies, juices or foods can be a lot easier and more understandable than the advice of experts, for the simple reason that we eat culture and not science; so we understand more about the everyday experience of food than talking about complicated names or understanding biochemistry.

In that sense, the numerous online portals that promote fad diets or magazines that promote a certain “lifestyle” can confuse you, the latest example of it: green juices and trendy green drinks that practically serve everything.

Green juice: the reality behind a highly dangerous myth

The investigation. According to recent publications in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, “Official Journal of the National Kidney Foundation,” renal nephropathy or disease by oxalates is a condition that, although uncommon, generates acute kidney injury and that as a maximum consequence can cause kidney disease in stage terminal.

The case. In this research, the case of acute nephropathy is treated in a 65-year-old woman associated with the consumption of “detox” cleaning juices, or green-milkshake juice rich in oxalate .

The juices are prepared with vegetable juices or green leafy vegetables that are rich in oxalate .

The woman also had a prolonged use of antibiotics, however, kidney function was normal;

This changed after drinking these juices.

Guilty? This can be caused by the famous DETOX programs .

That is, juices, smoothies, smoothies or green smoothies that use green leafy vegetables.

The consequences. These plans with juices increase the absorption of oxalate.

This generates hyperoxaluria (increased production of oxalate) and acute nephropathy (kidney disease).

However, despite the likely obstacles, health specialists are responsible for transmitting or “translating” the scientific language so that patients and the public in general can have access to safe, reliable and scientifically sound content.

The conclusion. Based on their “popularity” status, green juices are promoted indiscriminately, even more than a balanced diet, so it is important to know their potential for acute oxalate nephropathy in people with risk factors such as gastric bypass, kidney disease and use of antibiotics, the researchers conclude.


While other preparations such as salads can provide oxalates , the question is:

1.These trendy “green” plans are often suggested for extended periods.
2.They are used to replace meal times.
3.They seek to replace drinking water consumption.

Suggested periods can go from 15 to 20 days and that’s when the danger arises.

The “hidden” danger

If you review one of those contents that promote juices for this or that thing, most of them are recommendations by non-specialists.

The most important thing is to have a sense of social responsibility, which involves recommending certain foods or beverages:

Hence the importance of finding reliable sources of information and not only that: sources of professionalism and ethics.

A specialist in Nutrition will hardly prescribe a “detox” or take only juices, be alert and avoid diseases.