Eat Cucumber With a Shell To Lose weight, It Works!

In one hundred grams of cucumber there are only 18 calories, plus it is filled with large quantities of water (95%).

If you do not decide to eat cucumber with peel we present you with some reasons for your health and figure.

Cucumber is actually one of the most recognized summer foods, however, it is a highly available and accessible food throughout the year.

In one hundred grams of cucumber there are only 18 calories, plus it is formed in large quantities by water (95%). It provides iron, sodium, calcium, potassium, iodine, silicon, vitamin A and C.

According to the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) , cucumber is one of the most recommended foods for weight loss and hydration.

Eat cucumber with a shell or without a shell?

Other nutrients that contribute are vitamin E and natural oils that protect your skin from pollution, free radicals and cold weather.

The secret. We tell you the keys for this food to produce the most satiety and benefits for your health and figure:

Shell. If you wash and disinfect the cucumber from the moment you buy it, you can eat it with a peel and obtain a greater supply of fiber.

Diabetes. It can quench thirst and because of its low amount of carbohydrates and sugar can be consumed by people with diabetes.

Preparation. Use a grater to change the way this food is presented to you; grated may better absorb the seasonings that you add.

The condiments. You can choose between lemon, chili powder, garlic salt or normal salt (in moderation).

It’s about experiencing new flavors and this type of seasoning can also make you feel more satisfied.

Avoid Add excess salt or liquid processed sauces. These sauces can cause inflammation and are high in sodium.

Protein. To make your salad more complete you can add tuna or panela cheese in cubes. You’ll love it!

You are on time So, if you want to achieve your target weight for this Christmas and you think it’s too late, you’re wrong.

You can start December including a cucumber salad every day;

Replace your usual snacks like cracklings, potatoes or peanuts for a delicious salad of cucumber with peel.

Start for a week and those in your skin and on the scale will be your motivation to continue to achieve your goals.