Don’t Throw Away The Pineapple Peel. It Is The Ultimate Cancer Killer

The healing properties of this exotic fruit are well known to all of us. And this can be of benefit to cancer patients each year, as it contains the precious enzyme bromelain. Which is not only a prevention of malignant diseases but also helps with their treatment and is ultimate cancer killer.

Pineapple peel

Scientists studied the effects of bromelain and 5-fluorouracil (5FU) in a single animal study, which is used as a conventional cancer-killer therapy. The advantage of bromelain is that it acts harmful only to malignant cells and does not cause any side effects. Otherwise, scientists from the pineapple peel identified two bromelain molecules. The first stimulates the immune system to destroy cancerous cells, and the second blocks a particular protein that is responsible for as much as 30 percent of cancers.

There is a special effect on breast, lung, colon, ovarian cancer and melanoma cells. Also, bromelain is very effective in treating localized inflammation with edema, so it relieves inflammation, swelling, and scarring. It also removes cellulite, improves tissue drainage, and relieves strokes.