Diabetics Should Limit Consuming Potatoes

Why should diabetics limit their consumption of potatoes? To date, among dietitians, there is no single opinion as to the inclusion of dietary potatoes in patients with diabetes. Potatoes contain polysaccharides, which means that their use should be limited in people with diabetes. At the same time, potassium polysaccharides consist of 80 to 90% starch, compounds whose processing in the organism is slow. As a result, blood sugar levels are gradually increasing. On the basis of this, dietitians allow the possibility of limited involvement of dietary potatoes in the diet of patients with diabetes. However, in the advancement of the disease, it is recommended that the starch of the potato be ejected from the diet as well as the potato soups.


In order to reduce the content of the starch in the potatoes, before preparing the meal. The cleaned potatoes should be kept in water for several hours. During this time, the starch will settle on the bottom of the container.

If diabetic patients need to use potato juice, the starch must be separated from the juice. In severe forms of diabetes, the patients should give up potato juice therapy.