Combining foods for their fuller use

At the core of healthy eating is the less regular consumption of certain foods, and the proper combination of them in order to fully absorb their beneficial ingredients . There are a number of nutrients that interfere with their absorption in the body. In some cases, the mutual effect is negative, in others positive.

The interrelationships between the principles of absorption of different types of nutrients are very complex, but some of them are fully understood, and everyone can rely on the beneficial effects of these. We will look at several combinations showing how simultaneous consumption of pairs of nutrients in one menu facilitates the full absorption of both.

Fresh Vegetables and Fats
Fresh vegetables are rich in vitamins, some of which are from the group of fat-soluble (vitamins A, D, E and K). In order to absorb all these vitamins, it would be very useful to consume vegetables at the same time as foods rich in fat. This means that each fresh salad would be even more useful if it was made with oil, olive oil or some other type of fat.

Vitamin C and iron
Even a large portion of iron-rich food may not help to get the right amount of the important trace element if its optimal absorption is not ensured. It has been shown that iron in the digestive tract passes into the most convenient form of absorption in the presence of vitamin C. Vegetable or animal foods rich in iron , such as nettle, spinach, nuts, liver, red meat, eggs, etc. , should be consumed simultaneously with foods rich in vitamin C.

B-complex vitamins together
In the group of vitamin B-complex fall several different substances with various actions in the body. The common among them is that they have a very beneficial effect on the nervous system, bleeding functions and the prevention of atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases. Moreover, most of these substances complement each other’s absorption in the body. This is true for the three main vitamins in this group – B1 ( thiamine ), B6 ( pyridoxine ) and B12 ( cyanocobalamin ). It is recommended that foods rich in the various forms of vitamin B be consumed simultaneously in one menu to fully digest these essential nutrients.Image result for Combining foods for their fuller useSimultaneous consumption of foods containing these pairs of nutrients is an important part of the principles of healthy eating. Proper combination of foods in one meal and the selection of those that support metabolism  and absorption can ensure the optimal supply of the body with some of the most important substances for its proper functioning.