Bee honey or maple syrup – who brings more benefits?

Although they are similar in texture, their high sweetness and natural origin, maple syrup and bee honey are two very different bioproducts in terms of their beneficial ingredients and health benefits. It is difficult to determine unequivocally which one is more useful because the lack of one type of beneficial substances in one product is offset by the presence of important nutrients which in turn are absent from the composition of the other product. Therefore, no comparisons of beneficial effect should be made between maple syrup and honey, but only comparisons, because both bio-products have their undisputed advantages.

The main similarity between maple syrup and honey comes from the carbohydrate and calorie content and from approximately the same glycemic index. The antioxidant content of both products is very similar. That is how the similarities between them are exhausted.

The main differences in the composition of maple syrup and honey come from the content of vitamins, minerals and fats and the type of sugars prevalent in them.

Although close to sugars, the two products contain different types of sugars. Maple syrup predominates sucrose, which is a major carbohydrate and in the composition of white sugar. In honey, the main representative of the carbohydrate group is fructose.

The main advantage of honey in front of maple syrup is the fact that there is no fat in the honey. No matter what type of plants the bees have visited, the fat content of the honey produced by them is kept at zero. Maple syrup is low in fat, but there are still about 0.2 g of it in a tablespoon of it.

Another undoubted advantage of honey in the face of maple syrup is the content of important vitamins – such as vitamin C and B-complex. A very useful fact is the high content of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), as honey is among the few natural sources in large quantities.

Maple syrup also has its great advantage over honey. The lack of diversity in its vitamin composition is offset by the high content of certain minerals. Maple syrup is significantly superior to honey in terms of iron, calcium, zinc and potassium.

Clearly, one can not say that one product is more useful than the other. Both bee honey and maple syrup have their advantages. On the basis of this single factor in choosing one of them for more regular consumption should be the different taste. Honey carries pronounced floral scents, and maple syrup – woody.