Banana Boiled With Cinnamon: The Greatest and Most Powerful Remedy Of Any Pill. In This Way It Is Prepared

Sleeping is very important for our body, but overwork, high levels of stress and physical fatigue mean that we can not sleep, which affects our performance throughout the day. So we should try to help us sleep at least eight hours with this powerful remedy.

In the market there are other methods and drugs to be able to sleep. But these can return to the person dependent on sleeping medications, because without these your body can not rest enough to perform in day-to-day activities.

Similarly, there are natural recipes that can help us to reconcile our sleep and rest. It is necessary before doing anything is to evaluate our daily habits, both physical and psychological to achieve the dream.

Today I will show you a recipe with which you can use the properties cinnamon and banana, which will help us nourish our body, which together achieve a relaxing effect on our body, if you want to learn to do it, continue reading.

Next I will show you how to make this recipe with which you can relax.

To do it we are going to need the following ingredients:

-1 banana

-A liter of water.

-1 pinch of cinnamon

First of all we must wash our bananas very well, taking care of the shells especially since with these we are going to make our tea, we must try to make it as natural as possible and that has not been treated with pesticides, we place them in the boiling water we let boil for 15 minutes. After the time we add our mixture, add a pinch of cinnamon and it’s that easy.

I recommend you take this banana and cinnamon tea one hour before going to bed, we can also eat the banana with a little cinnamon to help our tea to have better effect.

Prepare this recipe and you will see the great results, you will be able to sleep and your body will be able to rest, recovering all its energies.

10 Benefits of banana that you can not believe
In addition to increasing energy and concentration, eating this fruit can help you treat and prevent many health problems, including:

1. Depression

Bananas contain tryptophan, which is later converted to serotonin (also known as “the hormone of happiness”), a substance that can relax the body, improve mood and increase happiness.

In a recent investigation, conducted by MIND (a mental health charity), it was shown that a group of depressed people felt much better after eating a banana.

2. Constipation

Bananas are rich in fiber, so regular consumption can restore normal bowel function. With this fruit it is no longer necessary to consume laxatives, and at the same time your body absorbs all its nutrients.
In addition, the banana helps to avoid swelling. To do this, eat one between 20 and 30 minutes before each meal, or at breakfast.

3. Blood pressure

Containing high levels of potassium and low salt levels, this fruit naturally helps treat high blood pressure. Yes, the banana reduces the risk of suffering a stroke.

4. Hangovers

The banana has a calming effect on the stomach, and when combined with a little honey can help you balance the blood sugar level and hydrate your body. A banana smoothie is the perfect solution to cure hangovers.

Acts almost immediately, is easy to prepare and very healthy. You can add a little honey to sweeten it or combine it with fruits, cereals and vegetables to make it more nutritious.

5. Ulcers

The banana is a recommended food for those suffering from intestinal disorders. Its smooth and smooth texture creates a protective layer in the stomach and neutralizes any acidity and irritation that you may suffer.

6. Reduce heartburn

Bananas have an antacid effect on the body. When you feel heartburn, eat a banana and you will feel a quick, natural and relaxing relief.

7. Treat nerves

Bananas are rich in vitamin B, essential for the nervous system. A study conducted by the Australian Institute of Psychology showed that the most obese people are those who have a stressful job. The fat is due to looking for comforting food to try to avoid stress.

In their report, the researchers concluded that “to avoid the cravings triggered by the labor panic, it is necessary to control blood sugar levels by taking high-carbohydrate snacks every two hours.” So now you know! Eat a banana at work or while doing activities that stress you.

8. Anemia

The banana, being rich in iron (essential for the stimulation of hemoglobin in the blood), is a natural aid in the treatment of anemia.

9. Mosquito bites

This fruit is also an alternative to reduce swelling and irritation caused by insect bites. All you have to do is rub the picket with the inside of a banana peel … and go!

10. Temperature control

Some cultures recognize bananas as a highly recommended fruit to lower body temperature. In Thailand, for example, pregnant women eat a banana every day to ensure that the baby is born with a cool temperature.

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