Banana And Avocado Every Day: Here Is Why Your Body Needs This!

According to a study, more than 800 thousand people are dying every year because of cardiac problems which result in a fulminating infarction.

The reality is that doctors have begun to recognize the power of food to be able to control this type of problem before they begin or in their early stages.

And in fact something that is totally true is that if you add key foods rtu daily diet you can completely change the health and development of your body as for example if you add avocado and banana.

We know it sounds strange but today we want to talk about how this combination can be very beneficial for your heart.Image result for Banana And Avocado Every Day: Here Is Why Your Body Needs This!


These fruits are known for their large amount of potassium which helps the arteries are not classified and suffer from damage therefore there is no obstruction of them.

When the arteries begin to calcify, damage to the heart can occur, which can develop into acute problems such as stroke, heart disease, hypertension, among others.

Properties that the banana possesses

Apart from being extremely delicious it has an incredible amount of vitamin B6 vitamin C fiber copper and is extremely rich in potassium.

Properties of avocado

Its first quality is that it is well loaded with antioxidants followed by having an indescribable amount of vitamin C and K in conjunction with folate.

It is not a matter of foods that can prevent you from having a heart attack but that we have an adequate diet can make our body is in good condition and therefore events such as having a heart attack are completely ruled out.

According to nutritionists with only consume twice a week avocado and three times a week banana we will be protecting ourselves from any type of heart disease so we encourage you to include them in your daily diet.