Apple pectin – 4 benefits in 1 bio product

Pectin is a polysaccharide that maintains the cell wall structure of plants. Highest amounts of pectin are found in non-woody parts of plants, and especially in their fruits. The pectin content differs in the cell walls of the different plant species, with apples among the highest fruit. This is why the pharmaceutical industry and food additive manufacturers extract pectin from apples and offer it in concentrated form.

Apple pectin is extracted in the period before ripening of the fruit when it has the most stable structure. When ripening the apples, it is gradually hydrolyzed and its content decreases.

It is estimated that when we consume 500 grams of plant food, we only get 5 grams of pure pectin. Although there is no particular nutritional value, pectin has a very beneficial effect on the body.

As a polysaccharide, apple pectin is an excellent source of soluble fiber . They pass along the small intestine without undergoing particular structural changes. This is a very useful feature that allows them to form an impervious wrap around the food and slow down its utilization. Thus, apple pectin becomes one of the most efficient ballast substances . There are some of the most beneficial effects of apple pectin consumption associated with this feature.

Improving digestion and weight control
Soluble fiber in apple pectin works very favorably on beneficial bacteria in the colon. Intestinal flora uses some of the ingredients of apple pectin for food, as a prebiotic. In addition, high fiber content has a beneficial effect on the absorption of cholesterol from food and prevents excessive blood levels. In addition, by dissolving in the water, the fibers form a gel-like mass that creates a sense of satiety and helps to control appetite in people who are struggling with overweight or obesity.Image result for Apple pectinSupport for the heart
As a regulator of cholesterol absorption from food, regular consumption of apple or other pectin is a guarantee for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. It prevents abrupt changes in the lipid profile of the blood and successfully prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Skin Benefits The
consumption of apple pectin as well as its topical application to the skin has been shown in various skin problems to reduce inflammation and improve skin type.

Scientific studies show that regular intake of apple pectin works well to reduce the impact of the surrounding background radiation . In this respect pectin has a very beneficial effect in humans exposed to increased doses of radiation or prolonged exposure to heavy metals .

The most common form in which peppermint is available is powdered . Less often, it can also be found as a liquid extract . The product is becoming increasingly popular due to its varied benefits and the absence of any side effects when the pectin cake is in pure form without any side-effects.