According To Science, Eating Pizza Is Healthier Than Cereal? Really?

When you are in a hurry in the morning and the only breakfast is a cereal dish, you need to think twice now, since according to an investigation by the Chicago Tribune , eating a slice of pizza is much healthier than eating breakfast cereal .

Have breakfast pizza vs. Have breakfast cereal

According to nutritionist Chelsey Amer , both cereal and pizza have the same amount of calories, with the difference that pizza contains the proteins needed to keep us full for longer and increase our satiety throughout the morning.

In addition, the cheese it contains has become the “superfood” of the moment due to its combination of nutritional qualities.

On the contrary, the cereal that we find in any supermarket, contains a lot of sugar and does not have any necessary nutrients for the body.

However, the Chicago Tribune clarifies that eating pizza five times a week is by no means a nutritious option, although its proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables, are less harmful to health compared to cereal.

Other disadvantages of breakfast cereal

The cereal not only has large amounts of sugar, but also have artificial flavors and colors and many empty calories.

Another disadvantage is that they are low in fiber and can contribute to intestinal problems such as constipation .

The most surprising thing is that in a portion of cereal at breakfast you could be consuming all the sugar you should eat during the day, so if breakfast is a habit, the risk of developing obesity and diabetes is latent.

Tests carried out by The Power of the Consumer , showed that in a cereal dish there is up to 90 grams of the product, which can be translated into 7 ½ tablespoons of sugar.

So the next time you have nothing but pizza and cereal for breakfast, it’s best that you choose the first option.