A new type of antioxidant rejuvenates blood vessels

It may be that the main reason that man’s progress toward eternal youth still does not give satisfactory effects lies in the fact that we have always tried to start rejuvenating from the inside rather than from within. However, the discovery of a team from a University of Colorado, USA, may turn our minds in this respect. Their study shows that it is more effective to seek remedies that rejuvenate the body internally . Such a remedy may have already been discovered.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, shows that an innovative type of antioxidant can unexpectedly quickly neutralize the negative effects of age on our blood vessels . Research has shown that only within six months of taking this type of antioxidant can eliminate vascular problems accumulated within 15-20 years.

The specific action of innovative antioxidant molecules is that they act at the cellular level and act directly on the mitochondria – the energy structures of the cell.Image result for blood vesselsThese antioxidants are the result of advances in the production of new types of food supplements, which are being implemented by the pharmaceutical industry. Based on this, the new type of antioxidants are referred to as nutraceuticals or nutraceuticals .

Nuclear product development processes are the first of their kind, and according to the team, they hope that the antioxidants will be the products that will help reduce the risk of age-associated cardiovascular disease . Worldwide, this is the leading type of health problem leading to life-threatening conditions.

The main benefits of the innovative type of antioxidant products come from their narrowly specialized action at the mitochondrial level. Just mitochondria are the cellular structures that first and most seriously sense the harmful influence of free radicals formed by the life processes. Free radicals are the main reason for unlocking and accelerating the aging process of the cells and the body as a whole. Neutralization of free radicals at the lowest stage through innovative type antioxidants is considered by scientists to be a breakthrough in the quest for prevention of age-related health problems .

In the process of developing specific nutraceuticals, the research team relied on pre-modulation of already existing and well-studied antioxidants, eg coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 ). The resulting premodulated molecules have been shown to be safe and the clinical trials of their bioactive activity indicate that only within 6 weeks of administration they can neutralize the harmful effects on the blood vessels of a person accumulated decades back in time.

The effect of the new antioxidants is traced to a control group of people over 60 years of age. The study showed that, after a few weeks of intake, the ability of blood vessels to expand and facilitate blood flow improves by over 40%. This achieves levels of natural vasodilation normally seen in 40-45-year-olds. The effect is explained by the extremely powerful and rapid neutralization of free radicals that damage the inner coating of the blood vessels (endothelium) and solidify the walls of the vessels .

Scientists estimate that, in the long run, the positive effect of the new type of antioxidant can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems by at least 13%.