A combined workout burns calories and hours after it’s over

Taking regular time for workouts is a very important aspect of lifestyle, but it is more important to choose those exercises that bring maximum benefits. Very popular lately are so-called. high intensity interval training that burns a lot of calories, although they are short-lived – in the standard case they last for 4 to 8 minutes, divided into series.

Compared with prolonged cardio workouts , studies have shown that with intensive interval exercises, much more calories burn and fat fades faster. But this is not their only advantage. Intensive interval training is also considered to be extremely effective. It is estimated that when switched to standard fitness mode, burning of calories may continue for hours after the end of the workout.

Experts point out several reasons for anyone seeking maximum performance from their fitness regimes to incorporate in them an intensive interval workout.

Very high calorie burning efficiency per unit of time
There is no other fitness method that burns such a large amount of calories only within a few minutes of intense workload. When combining intensive interval exercises with cardio activities, burning calories can last for a long time after the end of the workout, which in turn can remain record-breaking and save time.

Increasing Muscle Strength
High-intensity intervals, alternately with cardio exercises, are a perfect method of maintaining blood circulation  and supplying the entire musculature with blood, oxygen and nutrients. This is a key factor for its greater stamina load and slower fatigue.

Fat Burning Without Loss Of Muscle Mass
Very often unconscious intensity of cardio workouts can result in the opposite of the desired effect and the fat melting is accompanied by weakening of the muscles. Intensive interval workouts make it very possible to direct this process entirely to burning excess fat and maintaining the muscle mass achieved with so much effort in strength training.

A wide variety of possibilities The
possibilities of combining intensive interval training with more classic cardio activities in the gym are virtually inexhaustible. The following are examples of some of the most effective intensive workouts of less than 10 minutes . With these examples, you can achieve a calorie burning intensity that lasts at least 2 hours after the end of your workout.

A major advantage of the above-mentioned intensive kettleball training is the fact that every muscle of the body is involved. This is a guarantee of intensive utilization of calories during exercise and for recovery of muscles burning their continued long after.