5 essential oils acting as a natural repellent

What can we do to protect ourselves from the annoying insects that are already attacking us more and more aggressively? Naturally – use repellents to keep them away. Unfortunately, most repellents contain substances with potentially toxic effects in overdose. To save them, we can rely on essential oils that have commensurate repellent properties but are entirely natural in composition and do not have the risk of unwanted consequences.

There are several types of bio oils that successfully repel biting and stinging insects, without in any way creating unpleasant sensations of human smell, on the contrary. Some of these organic oils are extremely fragrant because they are extracted from a plant of valuable aromatic qualities. It is believed that plants produce these oils precisely in order to protect themselves against insect pests, and we can make the best possible use of this fact.

Mint oil
It has a very strong aroma and acts as a very powerful repellent for the removal of annoying insects. Specifically, its effect against mosquitoes has been proven by specialized studies. Only 3 ml of essential oil of peppermint dissolved in water provides mosquito protection for an area of 1 square meter and the effect lasts up to 24 hours.

Basil Butter
Also known for its pleasant aroma, this oil has a pronounced insect-proof effect, proven against mosquitoes, bugs and other blood-sucking insects. Additionally, basil oil is known in aromatherapy with its beneficial effect on the nervous system to remove stress.

Fennel oil
A special study of the repellent properties of aromatic plants in the Mediterranean region shows that dips act as the most powerful repellent among them. In addition to repelling stinging and biting insects, dill oil also has prominent antibacterial properties .

Sage Oil
Its repellent properties have been specifically studied against one of the most dangerous types of mosquitoes – the one carrying the dengue tropical fever virus. This kind of mosquitoes is most active during the day, unlike the rest, stirring and creating the most trouble in the evening. Sage oil can provide protection from these dangerous insects for a period of at least 2 hours.

Eucalyptus oil
Laboratory analysis of eucalyptus oil indicates that it contains substances that are completely comparable to diethyltoluamide ( DETA ) by repellent action . DETA is the main active ingredient of synthetic repellents with a proven effect for mosquito bites, ticks , fleas, etc.

The specified bio oils provide quality repellent protection for a different period of time and can be used successfully as an alternative to pharmacies’ repellents . In single or different combinations, these oils can be used to individually protect the body by applying it to the skin or for flavoring and protecting entire rooms by spreading them through diffusers and air humidifiers.

It is important to follow the safety precautions and the essential oils should not be applied in a concentrated form on the skin in order not to irritate it. It is advisable to dilute with water or a base of more neutral oils , such as almond, coconut, etc.