4 tricks to easily straighten hair without a press

The use of press or aggressive hair straightening products has more negative than positive effects on the condition in the long run. Therefore, it is preferable to rely on the most supportive hair straightening agents. Although they do not have the lasting effect they are completely harmless, and even after repeated application, the hair retains its brilliance and good condition.

Tossing the hair while still wet after bathing
After a few minutes of washing, the hair is washed off for a quicker drying, and on the other hand it stretches out and straightens. It is important, however, to apply a balm to soften hair and reduce the risk of hair damage when wet.

Straighten your hair tightly against the scalp and turn it tight with a damp cloth.
Women with long hair can rely on this easy method to straighten it. It is enough to divide it into more massive clusters to wrap around the scalp and get lay over one another. Holding them with a damp cloth for an hour or two will soften and straighten them and eliminate the likelihood of rising at the edges.

Use of coconut milk The
intense moisturizing effect of coconut products helps with the application of the aforementioned procedures to improve the effect. It can also be applied individually to soften hair and make it easier to straighten. Coconut milk also contributes to maintaining the natural luster of the hair as well as to clear any fungal or bacterial infections on the scalp.

Egg and olive oil mask
Both the protein and yolk of the egg heal the hair and give it extra shine, and olive oil helps to preserve its natural humidity. Combined, these products help make hair straight without pressing. Making a mask and applying it to the hair, more abundantly on the roots and ends for 20-30 minutes, will help to achieve a satisfactory straightening effect after drying it.

These are part of the natural methods of straightening hair without a press . How effective it will be to apply it depends on how fragile or curly hair is. These means act in the most important direction – soften the hair and make it much more susceptible to straightening. The effect is enhanced by regular use of these methods.